Natchez Library Learning Resource Center

The mission of the Natchez Library Learning Resource Center (NLLRC) is to provide a wide variety of print and non-print materials on nursing and related topics for students, faculty, and staff. The NLLRC provides reference and bibliographic instruction services to facilitate the access and the use of the Library materials. The NLLRC seeks to provide support for the information needs of administrators and faculty members through direct acquisition of library materials. These resources are used to enhance faculty preparation for teaching and research.

The NLLRC holds five primary nursing areas, related sciences, and specialty areas. However, business and education holdings are being increased to accommodate students who are taking non-nursing courses. The NLLRC subscribes to 167 nursing journals, 95 business journals, and 2 newspapers. Retrospective volumes and microfilms for nursing majors, education, and business journals are also available. Audio-visual materials such as videos, CDs, DVDs, films and audio cassettes in nursing and other fields which meet the needs for enhancement and remediation are available. Students enrolled in non-nursing courses can make use of resources in the NLLRC. Ten computers with Internet and wireless access are available in the NLLRC for faculty and student use. In addition, instructors can make materials available from the J.D. Boyd Library using the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) or the Reserve Book system. Non-nursing service courses have been expanded to meet the needs of the University’s curriculum