Serials FAQ

Q: How many periodicals and newspapers does the University Library subscribe to? 

A: The University Library subscribes to approximately 1046 periodicals and 17 newspapers.

Q: Where are periodicals located in the J. D. Boyd Library? 

A: Current journals, shelved alphabetically by title are located on shelves in the center of the main floor (front of computer lab). These shelves lift up and the older unbound issues can be found underneath. A current issue of a journal is defined as being from the current school year; for example the 2001 issues are presently available in this area.

Q: Where are newspapers located in the J. D. Boyd Library? 

A: Newspapers, arranged alphabetically by titles are located on the main floor. The most current newspapers are kept at the front of the newspaper stand for one day. The older newspapers are shelved at the back of the newspaper shelves. Most newspapers are retained for a six month period. We retain microfilm backfiles of some newspapers.

Q: How long does it take for newspapers to arrive at the Library? 

A: A few newspapers, such as the Clarion Ledger, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal are delivered directly to us on the day of publication. The majority of our newspapers arrive through the mail. Understandably, the arrival time of these newspapers at the Library varies.

Q: Why are periodicals sent to the bindery? 

A: We send most of our periodicals out to be bound commercially for preservation purposes as volumes are completed. During the regular school year this means that these items are "at the bindery" for approximately six weeks.

Q: What distinguishes magazines from journals? 

A: Magazines are for general reading and contain articles on various subjects. Journals are the publications of associations or societies and contain accounts of activities, recent developments, and research in specialized fields.

Q: When are periodical and newspaper articles preferable to books? 

A: Their advantage lies in timeliness and brevity. They may be the only source for topics of recent concern or for research in rapidly changing areas of knowledge.

Q: How do I find article citations? 

A: You do this using periodical and newspaper indices and serials abstracting services. The Library has a number of indices available online through EBSCOHOST. Reference librarians are available to help you access this information.

Some index general information and some focus on specific subject areas. Ask a reference librarian to recommend the index or abstract service best suited to your needs.

Q: How can I copy library materials? 

A: Photocopiers are available for copying materials. Photocopiers cost .10¢ per page and they are located in the copy room on the main floor.

Q: How can I get journal articles that the library doesn't own? 

A: If a journal is not held at the J. D. Boyd Library, an article from it can be requested through the Interlibrary Loan Department. For more information, see the Interlibrary Loan Office or Reference Department.