Library Resource Guide Quiz

1.    Which of the following is not an online database: 


2.    What type of resources can be found in the library? 


3.    You have to write a research paper using scholarly articles. Where would you go to find articles for your paper? 


4.    To find out whether or not the J.D. Boyd Library owns a book you should use? 


5.    Which of the following is a characteristic of scholarly journals? 


6.    Which of the following is not a scholarly journal? 


 7.    Where would you go to find current information on the earthquake in Japan? 


8.    Information found on the world-wide-web should not be used for your research paper since there is no reliable way to evaluate and verify accuracy? 


 9.    Reliable and relevant sources for the most current research on a topic can be found in: 


 10.    Once you have located an item in the Online Catalog, the piece of information you need to actually locate it is: 


BONUS: Your professor has asked you to find a peer reviewed journal article on diversity in the workplace. The best place to begin to search for this is: