Lillian BradyLillian Brady, a junior Biochemistry / Pre-Medicine scholar from Jackson, Mississippi, is planning to graduate in May of 2009. 


Lillian’s mother, father, and many of her other close relatives attended Alcorn, which influenced her decision to attend Alcorn. She always said, “If Alcorn was good enough for the members of my family, who I love and respect, then Alcorn must be a good school for me.” Her earliest memories of Alcorn include coming to every homecoming, watching the parade and the band, and tailgating.

During her tenure at Alcorn, Lillian has been fortunate enough to have had two unique and enriching summer research experiences, one of which took place at Alcorn. She spent the summer of 2006 in the HBCU-UP Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program where she learned laboratory, networking, and many other skills to prepare her for an internship outside of the state of Mississippi. Lillian spent the summer of 2007 in the National Institutes of Health (NIH), T35 “Short Term Training for Minority Students,” Summer Research Opportunities Program at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Lillian has been on the Dean’s List throughout her academic tenure. Her extracurricular activities include the Honor Student Organization, where she was elected Miss Honor Student Organization 2006-2007, The Khem Klub, where she served as Secretary for the 2007-2008 school year, Beta Kappa Chi, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), and the Interfaith Gospel Choir. Lillian volunteers with the Saturday Science Academy and with the Student Government Association. She is also a tutor for the Department of Chemistry and Physics.

One of the best programs at Alcorn that Lillian is a part of is the pre-professional and pre-graduate school programs. This program is designed to make students at Alcorn more competitive in the admissions process at various medical and graduate schools. “The Pre-Professional Program, under the direction of Dr. Sturgis, has allowed me to engage in various courses such as improving vocabulary, writing skills, reading comprehension, and critical thinking,” she said. “It has given me some of the fundamentals I need to succeed and excel in my future endeavors.”

After graduation, Lillian plans to attend medical school and eventually become an Anesthesiologist. During her career she wants to work in an underserved area of the United States, to serve the community.

“Coming to Alcorn was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life,” Lillian said. “No other institution is going to support their students like Alcorn does; we truly are a family.”


Jessica ClarkJessica Clark, a junior Chemistry/Pre-Medicine major from Hattiesburg, Mississippi is projected to graduate in May 2009. Jessica found out about Alcorn State University (ASU) from an interest meeting conducted by ASU Alumni in Hattiesburg, MS. Her father was in the US Army and he had settled the family in Hattiesburg, MS at the beginning of her high school career. While she was in high school, her father decided to take her to an Alcorn State University interest meeting for prospective students. After attending the meeting and observing how family oriented and kind the alumni were to her, she began to think that this university was probably for her. So she decided to pursue admission to the university and was delighted to find out that she was eligible for a full academic scholarship. “Once I found out about the scholarship, I was delighted and knew this was the school for me!” Jessica exclaimed.

While attending Alcorn, Jessica received several honors and was involved in several academic activities. She was selected and received a Robert Hearin Scholarship. In addition, she has been a Presidential and Dean’s List Scholar throughout her academic career at Alcorn. She is a member of the Chemistry Club, Pre-Medicine Club, Minority Association of Pre-Med Students (MAPS), an undergraduate chapter of the Student National Medical Association, and Interfaith Gospel Choir. She has participated in the pre-professional and pre-graduate school programs since the first semester of her freshman year.

Jessica noted that Alcorn has taken a holistic approach in developing students academically. As a result, she has been encouraged and assisted by the Office of Pre-Professional and Pre-Graduate School Programs in applying to many outstanding summer/research internships. For example, she participated in the University of Florida Medical School Minority Summer Research Program during the summer of 2007.

“I learned so many different things during this internship that enhanced my knowledge and basic laboratory skills,” stated Jessica. “I worked in the Neuroscience lab at the university with an outstanding professor/mentor, Dr. Lucia Notterpek, who is also on the board of admissions for the University of Florida Medical School. The most significant moment for me was my private time with her. She gave me advice on the admissions process for medical school with special emphasis on the interview process and the importance of submitting my admission application early.”

Jessica indicated that her matriculation at Alcorn has helped her to become a committed and dedicated African-American woman. “Alcorn has provided me with a scholarship and all the resources and tools that will help me exceed in life, i.e., becoming a physician.” Jessica said, “I am extremely thankful to the Office of Pre-Professional and Pre-Graduate School Programs and the Chemistry Department for providing advice and academic opportunities that facilitated my development both as a scholar and as a caring and compassionate individual.”


Renada ScottRenada Scott of Tunica, Mississippi is on schedule to graduate from Alcorn State University in May 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

Renada will be the first member of her family to graduate from college. According to Renada, she also wants to be the first to graduate Summa Cum Laude and go on to medical school and matriculate successfully.

“Initially, I wanted to major in Political Science and go to law school,” stated Renada. However, I changed my mind after encountering a life changing event at the children’s nursery at Rosa Fort High School.” One day when I was volunteering, a child suddenly became ill, I immediately tried to comfort and reassure the toddler that every thing would be all right. At that moment, I decided to pursue a career in the healthcare profession. Since I love children, I decided to pursue medicine, specifically pediatrics as a healthcare profession”.

“After several visits to my counselor and teachers and learning about the wonderful opportunities at Alcorn, I decided to apply for admission."