Agricultural Economics Program
Department of Agriculture

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 Program Summary

Agricultural Economics is a dynamic field of study that deals with the application of economics and business principles to real world problems in the production, distribution, and consumption of food and fiber. A degree in Agricultural Economics from Alcorn State University provides practical skills that allow you to analyze many aspects of the agricultural industry. You’ll graduate prepared to work in a variety of institutions applying your knowledge of economics and business to food production, rural development, and natural resources.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are recruited by a wide variety of employers in all aspects of agriculture and business. Current employers include local, regional and national agricultural processing and marketing firms; banks, insurance companies and other credit agencies; various USDA agencies, and other government agencies; colleges/universities.

Program Goals 

The major goals of the Agricultural Economics Program are:

• To train students to be well rounded citizens who are competent Agricultural Economists; 

• To assist students in continuing their educational goals in graduate or professional school;

• To assist students in finding careers in the public and private sector.

Agricultural Economists Are Employed As:

• Financial Specialists
• Business Managers
• Marketing/Sales Representatives
• Agricultural Production Specialists
• Extension Agents
• Soil Conservationists
• Loan Officers
• Policy Analysts
• Researchers/Teachers and much more 

Special Opportunities

• Agricultural Economics Club
• Research Opportunities
• Summer Employment
• Internship/Cooperative Program
• Graduate and Professional School

 ASU Ag EcoBroch FINAL 

Contact :

Dr. Wesley Whittaker

 Program Leader - Agricultural Economics

1000 ASU Dr.
Alcorn State University
Alcorn State, MS
Telephone: 601.877.3975

Fax: 601.877.6523


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