Types of Assistance


 The assistance given is primarily advice.  After gathering information and meeting with others, the consultant will advise you regarding your question.  Consultants will not do data entry or statistical analyses for you.  Other arrangements may be made through the SCTC for assistance of this type (but there may need to be a charge). The consultants can advise on many aspects of statistical design and analysis, including but not limited to, designing a study, database management, data exploration, formulating a statistical model, determining the type of analysis that should be done, advising on appropriate statistical software, and interpretation of analyses. This service is not to be used for homework problems or class projects.  If additional assistance is needed, other arrangements can be made through the SCTC (but there may be a charge). Contact SCTC office to arrange additional services. 


   i)        Short Term Service

aim of this service is to offer professional statistical assistance on short

       term (less than 15 hours) projects to both the Alcorn State University 

       community and off-campus clients. 

       The Short Term Service is designed to complement SCTC services by accepting

       short-term projects at lower hourly rates with SCTC's professional member. 

       Generally, the consultant will give you a quote after a first meeting with the

       estimated time required to complete your project.

       For the personal consulting, please contact SCTC office for our

       competitive hourly rates and submit your project request form.


  ii)        Research Project Service 

       This arrangement is for the benefit of the research community and SCTC. 

       A SCTC faculty member joins a research team in a collaborative context

       to provide professional statistical expertise on an on-going basis.


                 All research project service arrangements are managed by SCTC director

                 who monitor the progress and quality of the work being done. 

                 Contact SCTC office to determine if your project is eligible

                 for a Research Project arrangement and to discuss the details that would

                 suit your needs.


           iii)       Grant Project Service 

                This service for Grant Project is a part of the benefit of the research community  

                at on-and off-campus. A SCTC faculty member joins a grant project team  

                to provide professional statistical expertise.

                Please contact SCTC office.

                  ** Rates for ii) and iii) will be decided with faculty consultant and SCTC director  

                       by Alcorn State University rule.