The Campus Chronicle

Newspaper, Newsletter & Magazine Production  

Alcorn State University’s Mass Communication students sharpen and hone their skills in publications, especially newspaper and magazine production. Students learn how to research, design, layout, write and edit articles and stories for newspapers in classrooms and through practical experience.

Classes like News Writing, News Editing, Publication Design, Layout and Design, and Feature Writing prepare students to develop brochures, magazines, fliers, posters and newspapers for production.

Under the guidance of trained and seasoned professors, students gather news, take photographs, write, edit, layout and design the newspaper Campus Chronicle for print publication and distribution.

Each year, an editorial board led by an Editor-in-chief and Deputy Editor, run and manage the paper. Usually, the Editor-in-Chief serves as the designer.

The paper, which is published periodically, also has beat reporters who cover church, religion, sports, entertainment, campus life, movies, international and other stories. Depending upon the students, the paper often ranges from 8-20 pages. The Campus Chronicle also has an online edition, which you can find at

Over the years students have published articles on a wide range of topics. Besides their focus on campus activities, sports, culture, and profiles, national and global issues also feature prominently in the paper.

There is a growing need in the industry for writers and reporters who can produce insightful, tightly written, accurate content in a timely and consistent manner. Those students who are sincere in pursuit of a career in this area will be well trained and well prepared to thrive in today’s workplace.

Over the years, the paper has served as fertile training ground for successful writers who currently serve as Advertisers, Public Relations Practitioners, Sales Managers, Teachers, Reporters and Managers.