The primary objectives of the School of Arts and Sciences are:

  • to offer a broad program of general education for all students,
  • to create in the minds of students a curiosity which is conducive to constructive thinking in their search for facts pertaining to the laws of the physical and biological phenomena of life,
  • to aid in the development of the ability to think critically with regard to the complex problems of social living,
  • to lay a rigid foundation for students who expect to take other technical courses, and to stress the ever increasing importance of mathematics in our modern society,
  • to provide the student with a basic philosophy of the principles of the creative arts and a genuine and abiding appreciation for the cultural heritage of our civilization,
  • to develop selected college-educated men and women for positions of responsibility as officers in the active army and its reserve components,
  • to attain the above objectives, particular stress is placed upon precision of observation and measurement and upon the application of the scientific method.