All students majoring in education must take the Praxis exam in order to be allowed in restricted courses, be admitted to the Teacher Education Program, and complete student teaching at Alcorn.

Students are encouraged to register for the Praxis I exam or the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) test their freshman year as this exam covers the basic areas of reading, language, writing, and mathematics. 

However, Praxis II and the PLT (Principles of Learning & Teaching) is also required to be passed before being able to do Student Teaching the last semester of senior year. 

Students needing to register for a Praxis exam must do so through the Educational Testing Services website. Information regarding test dates, test location centers and options for purchasing study guides and/or practice tests may be found at 

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Tests Required for Specific Licensure Areas Scores & Information within the State of Mississippi, click here 

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Need Assistance?

For more information about certification and Praxis examinations, please visit the Office of Field Experiences & Student Teaching located in the Walter Washington Administration Building 1st Floor Room #116 or contact them at 601-877-6208. You may also seek additional support and advisement from your advisor.