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The policies and procedures outlined in the Bulletin are effective as of July 1, 2012; however, policies are subject to change without notice. 

Test Schedules 

FALL 2013     

September 21             PRAXIS Series 

September 21             ACT National Test 

September 28             GRE Subject Test 


October 12                  GRE General Test 

October 19                  GRE Subject Test 

October 26                  ACT National Test 


November 2                PRAXIS Series 

November 9                GRE General Test 


December 2-6             ACT Residual Test 

December 2-6             Placement Test (Over 21) 

December 14              ACT National Test 


SPRING 2014_______________________________________________ 

January 2-3, 6-7          ACT Residual Test 

January 2-3, 6-7          Placement (Over 21) Test 


February 8                   ACT National Test 

February 8                   GRE General Test 


March 8                      PRAXIS Series 


April 5                         GRE Subject Test 

April 12                       ACT National Test 


May 19-23                   ACT Residual Test 

May 19-23                   Placement (Over 21) Test 


SUMMER I 2014_____________________________________________ 

June 7                          PRAXIS Series 

June 14                        ACT National Test 

June 16-20                   ACT Residual Test 

June 16-20                   Placement (Over 21) Test 


FALL 2014__________________________________________________ 

August 11-15, 20-22,   ACT Residual Test 


August 11-15, 20-22    Placement (over 21) Test 



September 13             ACT National Test 

September TBA           PRAXIS Series 


October 25                  ACT National Test 

October TBA               GRE Subject Test 

October TBA               GRE General Test 


November TBA            PRAXIS Series 

November TBA            GRE Subject Test 

November TBA            GRE General Test 


December 1-5             ACT Residual Test 

December 1-5             Placement (Over 21) Test 

December 13              ACT National Test 


Alcorn administers the GRE Subject Test ONLY. 

Test dates are subject to change.