Program of Study

All graduate students must complete a Proposed Program of Study sheet and have it filed in the office of the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies during the first semester of enrollment. The sheet must be completed with student's signature, the student's advisory committee chiarperson, and the dean's signature. The sheet should show the courses to be taken. Any transfer courses approved by the student's advisor Thesis option and/or Internship should also be on this sheet. Students are required to submit a revised Program of Study sheet if changes are made in their program of study.

Master of Science in Elementary Education 

 Elementary Education-Traditional (doc) interactive pdf 
 Elementary Education-Accelerated Cohort (doc)                                     interactive pdf
 Early Childhood Education (doc) interactive pdf
 Reading (doc) interactive pdf


 Master of Science in Secondary Education  

Agricultural Education (doc)                                                                   interactive pdf
Athletic Administration and Coaching (doc) interactive pdf
Biology Education (doc) interactive pdf
Chemistry (doc) interactive pdf
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (doc) interactive pdf
English (doc) interactive pdf
Guidance Education (doc) interactive pdf
Health and Physical Education (doc) interactive pdf
Mathematics (doc) interactive pdf
School Counseling (doc) interactive pdf
Science (doc interactive pdf
Social Science (doc) interactive pdf
Special Education (doc) interactive pdf


Master of Arts in Teaching 

Elementary Education (doc)                                                                    interactive pdf
Secondary Education (doc) interactive pdf


Master of Science in Agriculture

Agricultural Economics Thesis Plan (doc) interactive pdf 
Agricultural Economics Non-Thesis Plan (doc)                                         interactive pdf 
Agricultural Education (doc) interactive pdf 
Agronomy (doc) interactive pdf 
Animal Science (doc) interactive pdf 


Master of Science


Applied Science: Computer Systems & Networks Technology (doc) interactive pdf
Applied Science: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology (doc)      interactive pdf
Applied Science: Geospatial Engineering Technology (doc) interactive pdf
Applied Science: Homeland Security Management (doc) interactive pdf
Applied Science: Radiological Health Science (doc) interactive pdf
Applied Science: Technology Management (doc) interactive pdf
Biology Thesis Plan (doc) interactive pdf
Biology Non-Thesis Plan (doc) interactive pdf
Biotechnology (doc) interactive pdf
Computer and Information Science (doc) interactive pdf
Workforce Education Leadership (doc) interactive pdf


Master of Science in Nursing 

Family Nurse Practitioner (doc) interactive pdf
Post Master Family Nurse Practitioner (doc) interactive pdf
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Option-UMC (doc) interactive pdf
Post Master Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (doc) interactive pdf
Nurse Educator Consensus Model (doc) interactive pdf
Post Master Nurse Educator (doc) interactive pdf
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Option (doc) interactive pdf
Post Master Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (doc)                 interactive pdf


Master of Business Administration

Executive MBA: Gaming Management (doc) interactive pdf
Executive MBA: Hospitality Management (doc)                                        interactive pdf
Master of Business Administration (doc) interactive pdf
Pre-MBA (doc) interactive pdf


Specialist in Elementary Education 

Elementary Education-Accelerated (doc)                                                 interactive pdf
Elementary Education-Traditional (doc) interactive pdf