Graduate Assistantships and Part-Time Employment

Limited graduate assistantships are available. Persons interested should write a letter of request for an assistantship to the department chairperson, with a copy to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. All application materials should be completed before applying. The student must have at least an undergraduate GPA of 3.00/4.00 or above. Students should also contact the office of financial aid concerning loans, work-study and other possible sources of funding.

Persons interested in Regular Wage Part-Time Employment should contact the department chairperson. Students should pick up the regular wage part-time employment form from the school of Graduate Studies. After the student obtain all signature including Financial Aid, he/she should bring the form by the Graduate Studies’ office for the Dean of School of Graduate Studies’ Signature. A complete copy of the student's class schedule and a job description from the student's department must accompany the form.