We value open communication in our effort to offer efficient and effective academic instruction to our students. Thus, we encourage you to complete this evaluation of course offerings to give us valuable feedback to help us improve academic services to increase the chances of offering the best, most holistic educational instructional experience(s) possible.

In order to improve our classes, we would appreciate your feedback. Please take 5-10 minutes of your time to complete this survey to indicate your assessment of course offerings at Alcorn State University (ASU) by marking the appropriate box. Complete one evaluation form per course you are enrolled for the current term. THANK YOU!

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 1. My class begins on time.



2. My instructor displays subject matter expertise.


3. My instructor covers all of the learning objectives.


4. My course content represents graduate level work.


5. Academic courses offered me the opportunity to use research skills to gain meaningful knowledge.


6. The course content is presented in an organized and accessible way.



7. The instructor stays focused on course topic and learning objectives.


8. Students in class are engaged as active participants.


9. Time is allotted for class discussion and questions.


10. My instructor is available for help outside class (by phone/email. for meetings, etc).


11. The course assignments challenge me intellectually.


12. Class assignments asked me to integrate information from various sources.


13. Library resources were adequate for the enrolled course.


14. My instructor held the course to high standards.


15. My overall evaluation of the course as a whole.


16. My overall evaluation of the instructor as a whole.



17. What could be done to improve the academic course? (please be specific)