We value open communication in our effort to offer efficient and effective academic instruction to our students. Thus, we encourage you to complete this evaluation of course offerings to give us valuable feedback to help us improve academic services to increase the chances of offering the best, most holistic educational instructional experience (s) possible.

In order to improve our classes, we would appreciate your feedback. Please take 5-10 minutes of your time to complete this survey to indicate your assessment of course offerings at Alcorn State University (ASU) by selecting an answer for the appropriate box. Complete one evaluation form per ONLINE course you are enrolled for the current term. THANK YOU!


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Please check your degree program or area of concentration.


What grade do you expect in this course?


What is your attendance in this course?


1. Expectations for learning in this course were outlined on the syllabus and clearly communicated to help me with this class.


2. The online class access system was easy to use to participate in class and communicate with the instructor and students.


3. The material was well prepared and well organized for a distance learning experience.


4. Online class resources were easily accessible to ensure my success in this course.


5. The class was flexible and met my time and long distance expectations.


6. The quality of online instruction met my expectations of being intellectually challenging and demanding.


7. Appropriate technical assistance was readily available to resolve problems with the technical issues related to the course.


8. Students in class are engaged as active participapants.


9. Time is allotted for class discussion and questions.


10. The threaded discussion/course conference contributed to my learning.



11. The reliability of the network was adequate to give me access to my online course.


12. The quality of the course content, graphics, and navigation was adequate.


13. This course met my distance learning expectations.


14. Even if this class were offered on campus, I would still have taken this class using a distance learning format.


15. My overall evaluation of the course as a whole.-Excellent


16. My overall evaluation of the instructor as a whole.


17. Overall, I learned a great deal from this course.





What could be done to improve the academic course? (please be specific)