Graduate Student Exit Survey 2013-2014

Congratulations on earning your graduate degree! We hope your experience at ASU was intellectually stimulaing, challenging, and worthwhile. We need your input to inform the Office of Graduate Studies on its effectiveness in meeting your needs as a graduate student and to evaluate the quality of services we provide. Please respond to the survey below so that we may explore ways to improve our program and course offerings in the future.






Level of degree you are about to receive.


Academic Degree Field


Semester you are planning to graduate.




Ethnic Category



Employment Plans


Please take 5-10 minutes of your time to complete this survey to indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement as it describes your experience in Graduate Studies at Alcorn State University (ASU) by checking the appropriate box. Rating code: 5 = Agree Strongly, 4 = Agree, 3 = Neutral, 2 = Disagree, and 1 = Strongly Disagree.  


1. My rating of this university at the time I applied for admission was positive.


2. My Program of Study adequately prepared me for any further study I may pursue in my field.


3. My Program of Study adequately prepared me for employment in my field.


4. The graduate experience was clearly defined and structured.


5. Academic course(s) were scheduled at convenient times.


6. Required courses are scheduled often enough for me to make timely progress toward degree requirements.


7. I would recommend my program at ASU to others interested in my field.


8. All factors considered, I was satisfied with my graduate program.


9. My Program of Study provided me with quality investigative experiences and skills as a researcher.



10. Adequate research resources were available.


11. Adequate computer facilities were available.


12. Adequate Library resources and services were available and accessible.


13. Adequate University services and support systems facilitated my graduate education.



14. My overall evaluation of the quality of academic advising is satisfactory.


15. A sufficient number of online/distance learning classes are offered based on my Program of Study.


16. Evening classes are offered at convenient times.


17. Business office hours of professors are flexible in the evenings to accommodate working graduates.


18. An adequate number of academic courses are offered based on my degree program.


19. The current semester course schedule is flexible to allow for variety of schedules for working people.
(i.e. weekdays, week nights, weekends, etc.)



20. Classroom and other physical facilities provided a conducive learning environment.


21. Facilities accommodated needs of students with disabilities.



22. The School of Graduate Studies was responsive to my requests.


23. Communication with the School of Graduate Studies staff resulted in resolving the issue(s) I encountered
when I called or visited the office.


24. The School of Graduate Studies informed me of deadlines and administrative procedures that affected my
functioning as a student.


25. There was satisfactory communication between faculty and graduate students regarding our needs, concerns,
and program requirements.


26. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies made adequate effort to resolve conflicts between graduate
students and faculty.


27. The Chair of my department made adequate effort to resolve conflicts between graduate students
and faculty.


28. My advisor spent sufficient time advising me on academic and program matters.


29. Considering everything, I am satisfied with the level of communications from the
School of Graduate Studies.


30. List three things you think should be kept as they are in your graduate program.


31. List three things you think should be changed in our graduate program.