General Information

The Honors Curriculum Program at Alcorn State University, established in 1961, is designed to enhance the various curricular offerings of the university through enriching academic experiences for participants. The program aims to bring together both students and teachers with exceptional intellectual commitment and ability in an atmosphere which stimulates scholarship, leadership, and creativity. The program is designed in a manner which allows participation by students from any discipline offered as a major at the university.

A student who has completed a minimum of 24 hours of honors course work, and who has enrolled in a minimum of six hours of honors course work during at least three of the four undergraduate years and has maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 in honors course work and overall, is graduated with the designation of Honors Curriculum Scholar.

For more information about the Alcorn State University Honors Curriculum Program contact: either Dr. Donzell Lee or Dr. Larry Konecky.