Faculty Athletics Representative



Dr. John Igwebuike 

I am honored to serve as your NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). As many of you know, the NCAA requires the FAR to (i) be a member of an institution’s faculty and (ii) hold a position outside the Athletics Department. Specifically, I serve as President Brown’s principal advisor on faculty-athletics related issues and student athlete well-being matters.

With respect to faculty-athletics issues, my role requires a careful balancing of ASU’s academic mission and our intercollegiate athletics program. Also, I am charged to be a liaison between student-athletes and their coaches, coaches and athletic administrators, the Athletics Department and Academic Affairs, faculty and the Athletics Department, and vice-versa. From a governance perspective, I chair the University’s Faculty Athletics Committee (FAC) which serves as the president’s “eyes and ears” regarding ASU’s Athletics Program. Four pillars undergird the quality metrics of the FAC: academic integrity, student athlete support and performance, rules compliance and institutional control, and student athlete well-being.

As to student athlete well-being, I strive to balance student-athlete welfare and competitive success. For instance, student-athletes are represented and even hold chair positions in the FAC. Also, I co-advise (ex-officio) the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Here, I serve as an independent faculty member with whom student-athletes may share issues, insights, and ideas concerning their academic-athletic experience.

Frequently, faculty bring a core set of concerns to my attention. In response, I typically share the following:

  • As a very general rule, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student-athlete education records and, as such, must not be disclosed to anyone without the student-athlete’s consent.
  • Student-athletes are not permitted to miss (or be tardy) for regularly-scheduled classes on account of practice.
  • Student-athletes should be allowed to make up missed work from excused class absences arising from games or travel to university-sanctioned athletic events.
  • The Athletics Staff currently implements systems to ensure that student-athletes on full/partial-scholarship have required textbooks.

Furthermore, faculty often ask how they might become (more) involved in the success of our student-athletes. Here are some ideas:

  • Attend Faculty Athletics Committee (FAC) meetings (2nd Thursday of each month) (Dr. Keith McGee <kmcgee@alcorn.edu> is the contact).
  • Come to Study Tables to provide recitations and opportunities for further learning (I <jigwe@alcorn.edu> am a resource here).
  • Require student-athletes to submit university-approved game/contest schedules at the beginning of the semester to accommodate absences and ensure timely completion of assignments before, or immediately after, the trip (Moses Dupre <mdupre@alcorn.edu> is a resource here).
  • Serve as volunteer tutors in the Tutorial Lab (Colonel Rickey Coleman <coleman@alcorn.edu> is the contact).
  • Utilize Blackboard and other technologies (e.g., videotaping, Elluminate® recording, or YouTube postings of learning experiences) to assure classroom learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Volunteer in our NCAA Self Study (Dr. Peter Malik <pmalik@alcorn.edu> is the contact).

I’m sure you may already implement the above strategies or more; and, I welcome additional ideas and innovations you might suggest.
As we inaugurate the new semester, please know that, as your Faculty Athletics Representative, I am highly inspired and challenged to enrich the student-athlete intercollegiate athletics experience at Alcorn. Our student-athletes are an incredible group of learners who must study sedulously (as full-time students) and work arduously (as full-time athletes). As I often share with them: “My vision for each of you [student-athletes] is that, within four years or less, you will walk across the graduation stage with an Alcorn degree in one hand and a championship ring in the other.” As your NCAA-designated resource, I look forward to working with you to make this vision an ongoing reality.

Please return to the website as we update it to better serve our student-athletes and you.

John G. Igwebuike ( jigwe@alcorn.edu )
NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative &
Associate Professor of Business Law
ASU School of Business
Phone: (601) 877-6450