QEP Committees

Several committees have and continue to work toward the successful development and implementation of our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Writing Matters. Committee members are listed below.

QEP Leadership Committee

The Quality Enhancement Plan Leadership Committee provides leadership in the development of the Quality Enhancement Plan and selection of the QEP topic. 

Dr. Larry Konecky (Chair), Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Dr. Johnny Thomas, Interim Chair, Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Dr. Cynthia Scurria, Chair, Department of English
Dr. Sherylnn Byrd, Chair, Department of Communications
Dr. Wanda Newell, Chair, Department of Human Sciences
Mrs. Danielle Terrell, Government Documents Librarian
Dr. Vivek Bhargava, Associate Dean for Graduate Business Program
Mrs. Debbie McDonough, Interim Chairperson, Department of Baccalaureate Nursing
Ms. Vanessa Huston, Graduate Student
Mr. Roy Carroll, Jr., Undergraduate Student
Ms. Adora Alexander,  Student


QEP Development Committee

This committee was formed to develop QEP details and reports to the QEP Leadership Committee, above. Dr. Larry Konecky, chair of the QEP Leadership Committee, also served as developmental Director. Representatives from each academic department and school were invited to join this committee, which was intended to involve all constituencies in QEP decisions, including students. 

Mr. Don Simonton, English (Chair)
Ms. Adora Alexander, Student
Dr. Aaron Anderson, Social Studies
Dr. Cecile Bunch, English
Dr. Evelin Cuadra, Agriculture
Mr. Jerry Domatob, Mass Communication
Mr. Timothy Dupree, English
Mr. Jyotirmay Gadewadikar, Advanced Technologies
Dr. Sidney Hawkins, Mathematics
Ms. Kathleen Keys, English
Dr. Lawrence Konecky, Fine Arts
Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Mathematics
Mr. Garry Lewis, HPER
Dr. Peter Malik, English
Dr. Lisa Micich, Business
Ms. Charlene Mosley, Chemistry
Dr. Wanda Newell, Human Sciences
Dr. Anne-Marie Obilade, English
Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Mathematics
Ms. Delorise Runnels, Writing Center
Dr. Cynthia Scurria, English
Dr. Allison Segura, English
Ms. Kimberly R. Smith-Russ
Dr. Voletta Williams, Biology
Ms. Maranda Younger, Student


QEP Resources Committee

This Committee was formed to review and make decisions about those initiatives included in Alcorn’s Resources section, and to begin planning for the implementation of those resources.

Mr. Don Simonton, (Chair)
Ms. Hazel Bell, Library
Dr. Peter Malik, English
Dr. Larry Konecky, QEP
Ms. Delorise Runnels, Writing Center
Dean Blanche Sanders, Library
Dr. Cynthia Scurria, English
Dr. Murray Shugars, Writing Center
Mr. Stanley Stephney, CITS
Dr. Lixin Yu, Mathematics


QEP Promotions Committee

This Committee was formed to plan and conduct the on-campus publicity campaign for Alcorn’s QEP.

Mr. Don Simonton (Chair)
Ms. Felicia Harried (Co-Chair)
Dr. Sherlynn Byrd, Mass Communications
Dr. Larry Konecky, QEP
Dr. Freda Lawrence, Agriculture
Dr. Donzell Lee, QEP Liaison
Mr. Stephen McDaniel, University Foundation
Mr. Felton Square, CITS
Ms. Clara Stamps, University Marketing
Dr. Valerie K. Thompson, Counseling and Testing