Strategic Planning Committee

Name Title Area

Dr. Richard Green

Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Samuel White Dean School of Arts & Sciences

Mr. Kevin Appleton

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Office of Fiscal Affairs

Dr. Gerald Peoples

Vice President for Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Vivek Bhargava

Interim Dean

School of Business

Dr. Edward Vaughn


College for Excellence

Dr. Richard Green

Acting Dean

School of Education & Psychology

Dr. Donzell Lee


School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Blanche Sanders

Interim Dean of Libraries

University Libraries

Dr. Linda Godley


School of Nursing

Dr. Doris McGowan School of Education & Psychology

Mr. Jessie Stephney

Associate Vice President for

Physical Plant

Mr. Rodney Fowlkes Interim CIO Information Technology

Ms. Melanie Reynolds


Residence Hall Association

Dr. Alton Johnson School of Agriculture, Research and Applied Sciences

Mr. Stephen McDaniel

Vice President for
Development and Marketing &
Foundation Director

Development and Marketing

Dr. Dickson Idisuyi


Faculty Senate

Dr. Alpha Morris


School of Arts & Sciences

Mr. Corey Cooper

SGA President

Student Government Association

Mr. Percy Norwood

Alcorn National Alumni Association

* Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs