Sites in Port Gibson

Port Gibson (Chamber of Commerce: 601-437-4351)
Port Gibson is located 14 miles from campus. Go north on Highway 61 or the Natchez Trace Parkway. This small town resonant of the Old South boasts fine homes, churches, and other buildings. General Grant purportedly spared the town because he thought it too beautiful to burn. Two famous landmarks are Oak Square (601-437-4350) and the First Presbyterian Church with its signature steeple crowned by a hand with a finger pointing towards the sky.

Grand Gulf Military Monument (601-437-4215)
Located just north of Port Gibson on Highway 61 then west on 462 is a 450-acre park which includes two forts, several restored buildings, a small museum, and a 30-foot observation tower. Here in April 1863 Confederates prevented Grant's forces from crossing the river, thus staving off the fall of Vicksburg. The defeated Union troops simply pulled out and crossed the river farther south.

Energy Central, Visitors Center, Grand Gulf (601-437-6317)
The Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station is located north of Port Gibson. The visitors center features hands-on displays describing nuclear power, electricity, radiation, and a simulated control room used for operator training.

Mississippi Cultural Crossroads (601-437-8905)
The Cultural Crossroads operates an active, primarily African American quilting workshop and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Theater, which offers shows for children and seniors.

Port Gibson City Hall (601-437-4234)
The Port Gibson City Hall was built circa 1830 and is a Greek Revival building which has recently been restored. It was once the centerpiece for the Port Gibson Female College. Today, the building serves as City Hall and houses the Allen Collection, "Picturing Our Past," a photo exhibit of life in Claiborne County from 1906-1915.

Temple Gemiluth Chassed Jewish Synagogue (601-437-4350)
This Synagogue is of the Moro-Byzanine Revival design and is determined by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History to be the oldest in the state.

Wintergreen Cemetery (East end of Greenwood St.)
This historic cemetery, dating from 1807, is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Mississippi. It was originally the family cemetery of Samuel Gibson, founder of Port Gibson.