Jackson Sites

(Convention and Visitors Bureau, 921 N. President St. 601-960-1891 or 800-354-7695). French-Canadian Louis Le Fleur established a trading post here on a bluff over the Pearl River in the 1790s, and in 1821 state legislators selected the site for a new capital city. General Sherman's troops burned the town so thoroughly in July 1863 that it became known as "Chimneyville."

Governor's Mansion (300 E. Capitol St. 601-359-3175)

This building was one of the few not destroyed by Sherman during the Civil War. The well-proportioned Greek Revival house was completed in 1842 and is furnished with 19th-century antiques.
Manship House (420 E. Fortification St. 601-961-4724)
Charles Henry Manship was an ornamental painter and the Civil War mayor of Jackson. He built his Gothic Revival home in 1857 and decorated it with faux wood-graining and marbling.
Jim Buck Ross Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry/National Agricultural Aviation Museum (1150 Lakeland Dr. 601-354-6113)
A complex of buildings details state history from the Indians to the 20th century. The vast Heritage Center presents early farm machinery, sawmill exhibits, and crop dusters, while the outdoor Small Town comprises numerous relocated structures from the 1920s.
Oaks House Museum (823 N. Jefferson St. 601-353-9339)
This house is considered the oldest private house extant in Jackson. The one-story cottage was built in 1846 by Mayor James Boyd and occupied by Sherman during the siege of Jackson.
Old Capitol (100 S. State St. 601-359-6920)
Dating from 1833, the Greek Revival edifice now houses the state historical museum. It served as the seat of state government until the completion of the present capitol building in 1903.
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science (111 N. Jefferson St. 354-7303)
Education exhibits, dioramas and aquaria depicting the ecological history of Mississippi's vast natural resources are here.
Mississippi Music Hall of Fame (1150 Lakeland Dr.. 601-354-6113)
This hall features exhibits on Elvis Presley, Leontyne Price, Jimmie Rodgers, Jimmy Buffett, The Blackwood Brothers, Robert Johnson, Tammy Wynette, Edd Barton, Conway Twitty, and Jerry Clower, to name a few.
Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum (1152 Lakeland Dr. 601-982-8264)
This facility features touch-screen kiosks and participatory exhibits on golf, soccer, football, and baseball. Athletes featured include: Dizzy Dean, Archie Manning, Ralph Boston, Jerry Rice, and Walter Payton.
Municipal Art Gallery (839 State St. 601-960-1582)
The gallery showcases the works of both Mississippi artists and regional artists.
Mynelle Gardens (4726 Clinton Blvd.. 601-960-1894)
Natural settings with displays of azaleas, daylilies and camellias are featured. Hundreds of perennials, annuals and naturalized bulbs are in bloom year-round changing with the seasons
Russell C. Davis Planetarium/Ronald E. McNair Space Theater (201 E Pascagoula St.. 601-960-1550)
In the domed theater of one of the world's finest planetariums, enjoy the beauty of a starry night sky and state-of-the-art laser shows on a huge wraparound hemispheric screen.

State Capitol Building (400 High St. 601-359-3114)

Built circa 1903 in the Beaux Arts Classical Style the Mississippi State Capitol Building is one of the most significant structures in the American South. It houses the executive and legislative branches of state government.