ASU Wesley Foundation




Mission Statement

The ASU Wesley Foundation's mission is to promote and engage all student organizations where students can have fun while they receive, develop and maintain a personal relationship with God.


To engage students, faculty and staff outside the classroom or office
To love and show compassion to all humanity
To be a blessing to the students, faculty, and staff
To provide a “safe haven” for spiritual fellowship, growth and development



The purpose of the ASU Wesley Foundation is to engage students, faculty and staff outside the classroom or office. When class is over or your work day is ended, we are here for you.  The ASU Wesley Foundation building is your home away from home.  We keep the fridge and cabinets stocked with healthy snacks, treats and beverages. You are welcome to visit us regardless of your denomination, race, and gender. You are Welcome!


Daily Activities

We have weekly group sessions (Men of Valor and Women of Virtue); church visitation; conferences; spring and fall revivals; Friday movie nights; Spring Break mission trips; prayer sessions; REAL worship services and much more. You can also create your own spiritual activities.



Teaching Ministry 
Christian DVDs are available for viewing.  Our library includes bibles, study materials, and biblical/Christian-based books.  You can even bring your own spiritual CDs or DVDs!

Prayer Room
A quiet place for you to talk to God and to hear from God.

Patio Area
Is designed for your leisure; enjoy good food, good company and good times.