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All graduate students must complete a Proposed Program of Study sheet and have it filed in the Office of Graduate Studies during the first semester of enrollment. The sheet must be completed with student's signature, the advisor's signature, and the department chair's signature. The sheet should show the courses to be taken. Any transfer courses approved by the student's advisor for the Thesis option and/or Internship should also be on this sheet. Students are required to submit a revised Program of Study sheet if changes are made in their program of study. Forms submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies must be typed.

Master of Science in Elementary Education

Master of Science in Secondary Education

Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Science in Agriculture

Master of Science

Master of Science in Nursing

Master of Business Administration

Executive Master of Business Administration

Master of Liberal Arts

Master of Arts in History

  • History COMING FALL 2018

Specialist in Elementary Education

Gifted Education Certification

NCAA Compliance and Academic Progress Reporting (APR) Certification COMING SUMMER 2018