Meet Our Staff

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Donzell Lee, Ph.D.

The Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs acts as the principal administrator of the Office of Graduate Studies and is responsible for oversight of all operations promoting the quality of graduate programs and the well-being of graduate students. She coordinates graduate school financial affairs and the Graduate Council.


Program Support Coordinator, Office of Graduate Studies

Belinda Smith 

Belinda assists master's and specialist level students with the policies and procedures related to progression towards graduation, required forms, graduation candidacy, posting degrees and thesis processing, and compliance for International students. She also handles Enrollment Management, Institutional Effectiveness Plan, and the Graduate Student Association.

Communications Coordinator and Data Manager

Julia Odom, MSEd

Julia serves as the communications coordinator and data manager for admissions and sponsored grant projects. Manages e-business solutions to create a SMART Office. After processing of application packs, she forwards admission files to the department for review. Once decisions are made, returned, and scanned, students are notified by email by the Enrollment Manager of the admission decision. She also provides administrative support to the administrative staff in Graduate Studies and general office support for the unit.

Enrollment Manager/Clerical Assistant

Demetris Reed

Demetris serves as the graduate admissions enrollment manager and clerical assistant. She assists students and faculty throughout the application/admissions process. She also manages general office activities and assists the Vice Provost, Program Support Coordinator, and Communications and Data Manager to ensure effective operation of the Graduate Program.