Graduate School Application Forms

The following forms are in pdf format for admission and other graduate procedures. They are formatted to allow students to type their information.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer to view these files.  If you are using the United States Postal Service, please mail materials to:

Office of Graduate Studies
Walter Washington Administration Building
1000 ASU Drive #689. Suite 519
Alcorn State, Mississippi 39096                                                                   


Complete the appropriate form(s) and either fax to 601-877-6995, or scan and email to  


  • Recommendation Letter                                                  doc    pdf 
    Two recommendations are required and should be submitted electronically by the reference to, or mailed through the United States Postal Service, or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope.   

  • Statement of Purpose Form (Non-Degree Applicants Only) doc   pdf
    Applicant should use this form to explain professional intent for seeking enrollment.


  • Application for Graduation Candidacy                            doc     pdf
    This form is submitted at least one semester in advance of the intended graduation term. It must be signed by the student and advisor before submission to the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Application for Graduate Degree                                    doc     pdf
    This form is submitted according to published dates each semester and must bear the student's signature and signature of the department chair before submission to the Office of Graduate Studies.  
  • Request Replacement Diploma                                       doc     pdf


  • Application for Graduate Assistantship                           doc    pdf
    Applicants must have GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply.
  • Graduate Assistants Time Sheet  


  • Application to Enroll in 500 Level Graduate Courses       doc    pdf
    Restricted to seniors in their last 12 hours of study. Limited to a maximum of hours approved by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies. 

  • Substitution or Waiver Request                                        doc    pdf
    This form must be approved by the appropriate department faculty and submitted to replace courses substituted in the student's curriculum.
  • Transfer of Credits                                                            doc    pdf
    Approved limit of up to six hours by advisor. Form must include official transcript documenting courses to be transferred. No courses accepted below grade of 'B.'
  • Request to Review Student Record                                   doc    pdf
    Request submitted by student to review admission file. ID must be presented with request.
  • FERPA Student Release of Information Form                    doc    pdf
    Authorization by student to release credential information to designee. ID must be presented with request.
  • Request for Release of Student Information                     doc    pdf
    Student authorizes designee to conduct admission inquiry in absentia. Student must present ID with request.
  • Appeal Form                                                                       doc    pdf
    Submitted by student for reconsideration of academic status. Form must be emailed to .

  • Remission of Fee     COMING SOON!
    Student completes form and attaches copy of Student Detail Schedule. Form submitted to Graduate Studies and transmitted to supervisor/chairperson for approval before acquiring final approval from the Vice Provost.

  • Student Clearance Form  COMING SOON!