The Acquisitions Department of the J.D. Boyd Library is responsible for acquiring materials which have been selected for addition to the library collection. The department purchases library materials in all formats, including books, periodicals, serials, videos, films, microforms, computer files and electronic resources.

The department works closely with other academic departments, librarians, the Library Advisory Council (LAC) and other faculty to build the library's collection in support of the teaching, research and service missions of the university.  

Goals and Objectives

The specific mission of the Acquisitions Department is to build, develop, organize, preserve, and maintain a quality collection of library materials that will meet the planned instructional, research and public service needs of University.
  • To empower students and faculty in their ability to locate, evaluate, and critically use print and electronic resources.  
  • To collaborate with the faculty to design information literacy instruction that supports critical thinking.  
  • To promote this library and other libraries as a source of inspiration for creative work, intellectual pursuits, recreation, and independent lifelong learning.  
  • To plan, develop, and implement policies and programs that are compatible with University’s mission.  
  • To support the current and future curriculum, research and other information needs of the University by selecting, acquiring, organizing, preserving, and circulating a collection of materials in a variety of formats as well as equipment necessary for its use. 
  • To interpret the collection to all users, assist them in the utilization of the library’s as well as other electronically available databases, provide referral to additional information sources, and supply individualized assistance in using instructional materials.  
  • To evaluate the collection, programs, and facilities in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services.  
  • To encourage personal and professional growth by providing staff development opportunities for all Library employees.  
  • Provide consistently high quality and timely service in support of the University’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic initiatives. 
  • Provide instruction in library and information literacy skills aimed at facilitating research and developing an individual’s ability to select, evaluate and use information resources.  
  • Use technology to improve the delivery of programs, service, and resources.  
  • Allocate resources in accordance with strategic priorities; evaluate and assess programs, resources, and services on a regular basis, using the evaluation as basis for continuous improvement; strive for effective communication and collaboration, responsible decision making, and fiscal responsibility at every level.  
  • To provide a library for faculty and staff of adequate size and quality to support university objectives and meet ACRL Standards for College Libraries.