The mission of the of the Catalog Department is to support the mission of the university, its students, faculty, staff and communiversity.  The Catalog Department is responsible for efficiently cataloging, organizing, and maintaining the collections and databases which support the curriculum and academic research of the university.


Duties of the Catalog Librarian

  1. Supervises and manages the Catalog Department.
  2. Develops cataloging policies and procedures.
  3. Performs final proofing of processed materials.
  4. Stays abreast of current information on cataloging procedures.
  5. Updates Cataloging Procedure Manual, as needed.
  6. Maintains Authority File.

Duties of the Catalog Technician

  1. Processes newly acquired materials.
  2. Search, edit, export, and order catalog cards from OCLC.
  3. Retrieve exported records from imported file in SirsiDynix Symphony.
  4. Saves Bibliographic records; create holding and/or item records.
  5. Physically processes materials (e.g., type label(s) and book card(s).