Goals and Objectives

The program has identified broad program goals and established outcome measures for each goal that will provide benchmarks for program evaluation. The Program’s goals are consistent with the mission philosophy statement of the University and the DPD Program thereby forming the basis of the Program’s Assessment Plan. The Program’s goals and objectives are as follows:

Program Goal 1: To ensure students of the DPD Program upon graduation are knowledgeable and eligible to apply to Supervised Practice Program (Dietetic Internships or ISSP), graduate school or employment in the field of food and nutrition

Outcome measures:

  1. At least seventy percent (70%) of the students who enter the DPD their junior year will complete the program within 3 years (150% of the time planned for completion). (Program completion rate)
    1. Excluded if student is on medical leave from school/work
    2. Excluded if during course of study student becomes disable
  2. Over a five-year period, forty percent (40%) of students in the DPD will submit an application to a dietetic internship within 12 months after completing the program. (Postgraduate supervised practice application rate)
  3. At least sixty percent (60%) of students applying to Supervised Practice Programs within 12 months after they complete the program will receive an appointment. (Postgraduate supervised practice acceptance rate)
  4. At least seventy five percent (75%) of alumni who respond to the post-graduate survey will give an overall 3 (Prepared) or above rating for preparedness for work in the field of dietetics. (Program Preparedness Rate)
  5. Supervised practice directors (Dietetic Internship or ISSP), employers or graduate advisors will rate graduates Satisfactory (3) or above on a 5-point scale in overall preparedness for post-graduate assignments greater than  seventy- five percent (75%) of the time. (Program Preparedness Rate)
  6. Program graduates will achieve a first time pass rate of at least eighty percent (80%) on the RD exam. (Pass rate for first-time test takers on the Registration Exam)

Program Goal 2: To prepare program graduates to participate in lifelong learning, leadership, and service. 

Outcome Measures:

  1. Program faculty from the department willsubmit at least 2 grant applications for funding that will provide learning, leadership or service opportunities for students during the 5-year period.
  2. At least 80% of students in the DPD Program will actively participate in the Student Dietetic Association.
  3. At least 80% of students in their final year in the DPD will become student members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 
  4. At least 60% of alumni who respond to the DPD alumni survey will indicate they continue to hold membership to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  5. At least 50% of alumni who respond to the DPD Alumni Survey will indicate they are involved in professional and/or community service. 

Program Goal 3: To produce students and graduates who are technologically skilled in their professions as it relates to the practice of dietetics and nutrition

Outcome Measures:

  1. Rating (3 or above) in knowledge and skills in the use of technology-related to dietetics/nutrition of current and past students.
  2. Utilization of technology by DPD students >99% will report weekly usage of technology-related to dietetics and/or nutrition in course assignments.
  3. Utilization of technology in all Nutrition and Dietetics (ND) courses (>99%).