Office of Fiscal Officer / Budget Analyst


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Role of the fiscal officer/budget analyst 

· To manage, plan, direct, coordinate, monitor and/or supervise financial systems and/or applicable programs within the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences;

· To oversee the operational, procedures and regulatory requirements;

· To lead, manage, and advise the development of strategic financial plans for efficient and effective allocation of funds and resources; and

· To research and analyze strategic choices and make recommendations to the Dean and Director of Land-Grant Programs that will achieve goals and objectives of the School of Agriculture Research Extension Applied Sciences.



· To ensure students, faculty and staff within the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences have a better understanding of all aspects of fiscal operations;

· To maintain a positive relationships with Alcorn State University as a whole in relation to fiscal operations;

· To promote efficient and effective utilization of all revenue within the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences; and

· To ensure that all financial operations, which includes budget, payroll, revenue generation, and hiring matters, are handled in an efficient and effective manner.



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Mr. Kanayo Ugboaja
Fiscal Officer
School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Alcorn State University
Phone: (601) 877.6502