Robotics and Automation Technology

Program Philosophy: The Robotics and Automation Technology program
strives to achieve its mission in all aspects of its operations through
innovative and engaging teaching, learning, and community outreach. Graduates of
the program will gain the skills, experience and knowledge to pursue successful
careers as technologists and managers of technology.

Mission: To provide world-class curricula and training designed to prepare superior
practitioners, managers, and leaders in the field of Robotics and Automation

Changing dynamics in world competition have manufacturers
using new technologies and management systems to increase productivity and
quality. These companies are using Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
technologies, installing robotics and automated systems and adapting new
management techniques and strategies to differentiate their companies, products,
goods, and services from competitors. A key to success in the area of Industrial
Technology is employing technologists and engineers to design, install, run and
maintain these highly technical systems.

In the Robotics and Automation Technology Program, students learn to use computer systems to program robots,run databases in inventory, payroll, project planning and scheduling, and
purchasing. Students also have a chance to take a national professional
Certified Technology Manager (CTM) certification exam from The Association of
Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Robotics Lab
Robotics Lab


Statistical Data   

Students and graduates from the ASU Robotics and Automation Technology Program have, and
continue to prove themselves in many of the industry’s most notable entities. The success of our graduates in their career fields is highly admirable and attests to the rigorous standards maintained by this department. Some of their accomplishments are:

1. More than 95% of graduates of the ASU Robotics and Automation Technology Program
have attained employment in the technology career field.

2.Some notable industries and entities that employ our graduates or in which our students are exploring
internship opportunities are; Engineering
Research and Development Center, Vicksburg,
MS; Nissan, Canton, MS; Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Port Gibson, MS, Eaton Aerospace, Jackson, MS; US Department of the Interior, US Fish & Wildlife Services, Vicksburg MS; Lockheed-Martin, Bethesda, MD; Department of Defense, Randolph Air Force Base , San Antonio, TX; Sky West Airlines, Denver, CO; Caterpillar, Inc., Waco, TX; British Petroleum, Houston, TX; Boeing Aerospace, Charleston, SC; and other industries throughout the U. S.

3.Average Applied Industrial Technologies salaries for job postings nationwide are 20%
higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide ( Alcorn State
University’s Technology students’ earned salaries that meet or exceed the national average, ranging between $50,800 and $81,500 for an Industrial Technology graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree (


Statistical Data is maintained on the students and graduates of the Robotics and Automation Technology Program to ensure that they are fully competitive in our modern workforce. We provide a comparison of our program with the rest of Alcorn State University and comparable programs within the University. Additionally, we insure that we meet our Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) accreditation guidelines. Graduates of our program are asked to complete the following survey and keep our data current.



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*Numbers used are approximate. Statistics are updated as new information becomes