Study Abroad

Study abroad offers students exciting opportunities to live and learn in another country for at least one semester while earning academic credit towards the degree at Alcorn State University. Students will take a full academic load at a foreign university in programs administered by ASU exchanges or U.S. based and accredited study-abroad providers. In some cases, the program will also include language enhancement, cultural immersion, and/or service learning.

Students who want to study abroad should start early by filling out the application form below and coming by the Office of Global Program for an initial advisement session. Global programs will collaborate with the student’s advisors and academic department in the planning process to ensure that credits earned abroad are fully transferable into the student’s curriculum at ASU.

Who is eligible to Apply?  

Students with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or above will be eligible. Students may study abroad in the freshmen, sophomore or junior years. Not all seniors will be eligible. If you are a senior, you should check with Global Programs about your eligibility.

How Will Students Pay for Study Abroad?  

Students can use financial aid to pay for study abroad. However, financial awards for study abroad will be based on the program’s budget (including airfare and living expenses) established by the Office of Global Programs. In addition, students may be eligible for scholarships from various sources.

Please fill out the following application 

Online Application:  Downloadable Application

Brief Instructions on how to get started with Study Abroad