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The Department of Education and Psychology is concerned with the preparation of all prospective teachers by the provision of professional education courses for those preparing to teach in the elementary education (K-8), special education, and psychology.

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The department administers a curriculum for majors in elementary education and offers courses in secondary education. However, the department also offers a non-teaching degree in Psychology as well for those pursuing advanced studies in psychology and related fields .


All students majoring in elementary education may obtain a concentration in nursery, mathematics, social studies, language arts, reading, etc. by successfully completing 21 additional hours.

The special education curriculum leads to a non-categorical degree in the mildly and moderately handicapped. Areas of handicapping condition included are children with learning disabilities, mildly emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded, and severely and profoundly handicapped. Students who complete the special education curriculum are certified to teach exceptional children in both elementary and secondary schools.

The Department of Education and Psychology sponsors workshops, seminars and minicourses in designated areas during the academic year and the summer months. These activities are designed to supplement the regular instructional program and to provide in-service personnel with simulated opportunities to observe examine and study teaching/learning situations to enhance the resolution of classroom-related learning problems.


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