The undergraduate programs in biological sciences are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of principles of modern biology. The goal is to offer a broad-based understanding of important concepts in biological sciences, to prepare and enable students to seek admission to programs in health professions, to pursue graduate study in biological sciences including the rapidly expanding bio-technology and pharmaceutical sciences, and biology education.

The Department of Biological Sciences has also developed non-degree majors to facilitate students interested in health-related professions, pre-nursing, and clinical laboratory science. The courses in biology are also intended to meet the needs of those students who require a general knowledge of biology as a part of their program in general education. The curricula will be integrated for use of multiple methods of assessing student learning and provide opportunities for student self-assessment.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers the following programs:

  1. Programs leading to a Baccalaureate Degree (B. S.) with majors in the following areas:
    1. Pre-Professional Program: Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Health Science and Pre-Physical Therapy
    2. Environmental Biology / Ecology: Biology Education:
  2. The following program support the student’s goal to enter a nursing program.
    1. Pre-Nursing
  3. The Department of Biological Sciences offers the following Graduate Programs:
    1. Master of Science Degree in Biology
    2. Master of Science Degree in Secondary Education with an endorsement in Biology


Dr. Voletta Williams
Professor/Interim Chair
601-877- 6235/6243