Summer Classes

Please assist the Department of Biological Sciences in taking a poll for potential specialty classes that could be offered for Summer 2017.

Vote for classes that you plan to enroll in for the summer and note the courses listed below may be required for you to graduate. Please check your courses within your  major curriculum and compare to the check list below. Select as many classes as you need and click the submit button.  


To view the list of traditional courses, click on the "Traditional Summer Courses" tab below and note that the course must meet the minimum enrollment requirements.  

For questions about courses, please contact your advisor.

Poll for Summer 2017 Biology Specialty Courses

Traditional Summer Classes

In addition to the specialty courses, the Department of Biological Sciences will offer the following traditional courses for Summer 2017. You will not need to vote on the list below. 

Introduction to Biology

Intro. Envir. Biology

Intro. Env. Biology Lab

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab


Botany Lab

General Biology I

General BiologyI Lab

Comparative Anatomy

Comparative Anatomy Lab

Biological Chemistry

Medical Terminology

General Microbiology

General Microbiology Lab


Cell Biology

Cell Biology Lab

Plant Physiology

Plant Physiology Lab

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy Lab

Human Physiology

Environmental Biology

Computer Application

Medical Microbiology

Principles of Immuno

Prin Immunology Lab


Genetics Lab


Histology Lab

Independent Study


Advanced Immunology

Current Literature Topics

Special Projects