Department of Mass Communications

The Mass Communication Department at Alcorn State University offers a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in print or broadcast. Students who hail from Mississippi, diverse parts of the United States and abroad obtain first rate, eclectic and broad Mass Communication training through theoretical, practical and field work.
Mass Communication students acquire general, specialized and integrated communication expertise,  through a flexible curriculum, which though rigorous, allows students opportunity to tailor it based on their interests.
Students who study Mass Communication immerse themselves in the history, principles, ethics and laws of the discipline. They also obtain practical skills in radio, television and newspaper production.
Committed students who apply themselves with diligence and dedication, graduate from the program with proficiency in writing, speech, editing, photography, radio, television, layout and design, newspaper and magazine production. They also graduate with fundamental digital capabilities along with the legal and ethical norms that undergird the discipline.
The Alcorn public radio station, WPRL 97.1 FM, allows students to gain real world experience working in a certified radio station with experienced and talented professionals who help them to hone their skills and develop their talents. The campus television station, ASU-13 and the student newspaper, The Campus Chronicle, provide opportunities for students to learn television and newspaper production under the guidance of professional staff who help them to master the discipline.
Mass Communication students with an inclination for Public Relations, Advertising and Integrated Communications, take courses in those areas from competent professors and instructors. Students not only learn theory, principles and practices of the disciplines but actively engage in these areas through projects and campaigns.
Besides lectures, group projects, tests, field trips and exercises, students benefit from one-on-one interaction and tutoring with their instructors in small class rooms, studios and laboratories. Additionally, there are numerous internship opportunities on campus, across America and abroad.
Several graduates of the program serve in the media as reporters, editors, producers, anchors, designers and managers. Others excel in education, industry, government, the military, law enforcement etc. Many earn admissions into graduate schools where they have distinguished themselves.
The Mass Communication Department is forging ahead standing at the cutting edge of issues related to diversity, internationalism, multiculturalism and globalism. As the department repositions itself for the 21st century, new students will benefit from the introduction of new courses, the acquisition of newer, top of the line equipment, even more experienced professionals as faculty and staff and above all, world class academic preparation in an environment where knowledge and character matter. 



Who is my Advisor?  


Dr. Cynthia Scurria

Chair, Department of English, Languages, & Mass Communications

Lanier Hall 145


Mr. Larry Sanders

Instructor, Mass Communications




On February 15, 2016, nine Mass Communications students toured The Clarion Ledger. While there, students were able to meet reporters, editors, and photographers.  



Contact Information

Dr. Cynthia S. Scurria

Chair, Department of English, Languages, and Mass Communications 

Phone: (601)-877-6400


Lanier Hall, Rm. 145