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Who is My Advisor?

Academic Advisor and Advisee Assignment

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Alcorn State University

Spring, Fall 2017

Computer Science Undergraduate Major

Advisee Last Name              Advisor

A-C                                         Ms. Kusum Pandey, Phone: 601-877-3985Email: klpandey@alcorn.edu

D-H                                        Dr. Yong Wang, Phone: 601-877-3983,  Email: ywang@alcorn.edu

I-M                                         Dr. Lixin Yu, Phone: 601-877-6433,  Email: lixin@alcorn.edu

N-Z                                         Dr. Ping Zhang, Phone: 601-877-6431,  Email: pzhang@alcorn.edu

Mathematics Undergraduate Major

Advisee Last Name             Advisor

A-B                                        Dr. Sidney Hawkins, Phone: 601-877-6434,  Email: shawkins@alcorn.edu

C-Q                                        Dr. Tapan Tiwari, Phone: 601-877-6609,  Email: tapan@alcorn.edu

R-S                                         Ms. Chunmum Trivedy, Phone: 601-877-3986,  Email: ctrivedy@alcorn.edu

T-Z                                         Ms. Elizabeth Udemgba, Phone: 601-877-6608

Mathematics Education Undergraduate Major

Advisee Last Name             Advisor

A-G                                       Mr. Anthony Dodgen, Phone: 601-877-3982,  Email: anthony@alcorn.edu

H-Z                                       Dr. Yonghua Yan, Phone: 6435,  Email: yyonghua@alcorn.edu

Master Program of Computer and Information Sciences

Advisee Last Name           Advisor 

A-Z                                      Dr. Yong Wang, Dr. Lixin Yu and Dr. Ping Zhang

                                            Phone: 601-877- ext. 6431 or 6433 or 3983

                                            Email: ywang@alcorn.edu , lixin@alcorn.edu , pzhang@alcorn.edu

Master Program of Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Advisee Last Name            Advisor 

A-Z                                      Dr. Sidney Hawkins, Dr. Dr. Tapan Tiwari, Dr. Dr. Yonghua Yan

                                            Phone: 601-877-ext: 6434, 6609, 6435

                                            Email: shawkins@alcorn.edu , tapan@alcorn.edu ,   yyonghua@alcorn.edu