Cora S. Balmat School of Nursing


Located at Alcorn State University’s Natchez Campus, the School of Nursing has a proud tradition of graduating caring, professional nurses who make a difference in their communities, and beyond. As an Alcorn student, you’ll learn that nursing is both an art and a science. You’ll combine practical, fact-based knowledge and skills with the ability to care for all aspects of a client's physical, social, and psychological.

The School of Nursing offers programs for every student level. Our associate degree program prepares one to become a registered nurse, and the bachelor degree programs are available both for current nurses and for those new to nursing. Our master’s degree and post-master’s certificate programs focus on the fields of nurse practitioner and nurse educator.


Through teaching, scholarship, and service, the School of Nursing provides comprehensive nursing programs that prepare nurses with the capacity to advance the health and well-being of diverse populations.  From an undergraduate perspective, study is designed to prepare nurses with an awareness for intellectual inquiry central to entry-level practice.  Graduate study is designed to prepare scholarly nurse specialists with the capacity to assume advanced nursing roles in practice, teaching, and research.

By fostering a culture of excellence, innovation and intellectual rigor faculty, staff, and students embrace the core values of holism, integrity, professionalism, diversity, accountability, competence, and leadership in the transformation of the healthcare landscape.  Through collaboration and a process of engagement, faculty, staff, and students within the School of Nursing serve the University, the community, practice environments, and the nursing profession.  Scholarly activities address vulnerable and underserved populations; health promotion, maintenance and restoration; and nursing education.


The vision of the School of Nursing is to achieve national prominence as a leader of excellence in nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research.


 Holism, integrity, professionalism, diversity, accountability, competence, leadership, service, and collaboration.







Alcorn State University School of Nursing 2016-2017 Student Handbook

Alcorn State University School of Nursing Undergraduate Information Packet

Nursing Information Packet Updated & REVISED 3 23 17.pdf

ASU Admission Criteria and Requirements for the Associate of Science in Nursing

ASU Admission Criteria and Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Core Performance Standards for Admission and Progression 




Mon Apr 24

Final Examinations for Graduating Seniors

Thru: Thursday, April 27, 2017
Fri Apr 28

Posting of Grades for Graduate Students in BANNER by 6:00 p.m.

Fri Apr 28

Posting of Grades for Graduating Seniors in BANNER by 6:00 p.m.

Mon May 01

Final Examinations for Undergraduate Students

Thru: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Fri May 05

Residence Halls Close

Fri May 05

Semester Ends

Sat May 06


Mon May 08

Posting of Grades Due in BANNER by 12:00 noon

Thu May 18

Registration at Vicksburg

3:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Fri May 19

Registration at Natchez (9:30 a.m.)