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As part of ACT ongoing effort to "Go Green" and conserve resources, the 2015-2016 ACT Information and Registration Bulletin is ONLY available on line. 

We encourage you to direct your attention to ACT Website for the most comprehensive and up- to- date resources for test takers. For your convenience, listed below are some common used links to access the website:



All Praxis® tests are delivered by computer, except for Braille Proficiency (0631) and Assessment of Signed Communication – American Sign Language (0632). Some tests are offered continuously while others are offered in testing windows that occur several times a year.

Before You Register:

Register Online

  • Register on line for a test with a credit/debit card or Pay pal™.
  • Print your admission ticket and bring it with you to the test center.
  • Note: On line registration is not available for Assessment of Signed Communication – American Sign Language (0632) or for test takers requiring disability accommodations.

Register by Phone

If you have previously created a Praxis account on line and you are testing at a U.S. test center, you may register by phone.

  • There is an additional $35 surcharge to use this service. 
  • Call ETS at 1-800-772-9476 Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. ET and pay by credit/debit card.
  • Contact ETS at least three full days prior to your desired test date.

Test Retake Policy

If you feel you did not perform to your potential, you may retake a Praxis test once every 21 days, not including your initial test date. (Note: if you take a combined test, such as the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Test, the Middle School Multiple Subjects Test or the PA Grades 4–8 Core Assessment, you cannot take a subtest until after the 21-day period.

This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. If you violate this restriction, the scores from your retest will not be reported and your test fees will not be refunded.

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 As part of GRE ongoing effort to "Go GREEN" and conserve resources, the 2015-2016 GRE
Information and Registration Bulletin
is ONLY available on-line.

We encourage you to direct your attention to GRE Website for the most comprehensive and up- to- date resources for test takers. For your convenience, listed below are some commonly used links to access the website.

  • Information for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-Related Needs:
  • Free and low-cost, Official Test Preparation Materials:
  • (GRE*revised General Test) 
  • (GRE*Subject Tests).

    The policies and procedures outlined in the Bulletin are effective as of July 1, 2013; however, policies are subject to change without notice.

Test Schedules

SPRING 2015___________________________________        

January 5-9                  ACT Residual Test     

January 5-9                  Placement (Over 21) Test    

February 2-6, 9-13, 16-20, 23-27    Accuplacer(Summer Developmental)   

February 7                    ACT National Test

March 2-6, 16-20, 23-27, 30-31     Accuplacer(Summer Developmental)

April 1-2, 6-10,13-17,20-24, 27-30  Accuplacer(Summer Developmental)

April 18                         ACT National Test

May 1, 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 26  Accuplacer(Summer Developmental)

May 18-22                    ACT Residual Test

May 18-22                    Placement (Over 21) Test

Summer I 2015___________________________________       

June 13                        ACT National Test

June 15-19                   ACT Residual Test

June 15-19                   Placement (Over 21) Test

Fall 2015                                                                                    

August 10-14, 17-21      ACT Residual Test

August 10-14, 17-21       Placement(Over 21) Test

September 12                 ACT National Test

September 19                *GRE Subject Test

October 24                     ACT National Test

October 24                     *GRE Subject Test

November 30                 ACT Residual Test

November 30                 Placement (Over 21) Test

December 1-4                ACT Residual Test

December 1-4                Placement (Over 21) Test

December 12                ACT National Test

Test dates are subject to change.

*Alcorn administers the GRE Subject test ONLY