Vicksburg Expansion Program

Alcorn’s formal expansion to Vicksburg in 2002 was welcomed by all. The excellent education opportunities are now available to community college graduate, transfer, and non-traditional students. Records indicate that we attract students not only from Vicksburg and Warren County, but also from each of the surrounding communities. Alcorn State University Vicksburg Programs focus on upper division curriculum (junior and senior courses) in the following majors:

The Alcorn State University Vicksburg Expansion Office provides academic support services to Vicksburg, Mississippi and the surrounding areas through course offerings and continuing our efforts to provide better services to our clientele.

Vicksburg Expansion Program Center Buildling

Our motto here is:
“Go The Distance….Without Going the Distance”

Earn a Degree from Alcorn State University in Vicksburg  

Visit this office for information on admissions, registration and course offerings in Vicksburg and the main campus in Lorman. Classes are also conducted at this location. Many additional courses are also available to the Vicksburg students in the on-line format. Alcorn State has plans to offer even more graduate and undergraduate degree programs at its Vicksburg location in the future.


Mon May 25

Memorial Day

Tue May 26

Registration on Main Campus - Graduate and Undergraduate

Tue May 26

Residence Halls Open for Summer I

Wed May 27

Summer I Classes Begin

Thu May 28

Cancellation of Classes Due to Low Enrollment

Fri May 29

Last Day for Payment of Fees (5:00 p.m.)

Fri May 29

Last Day for Submission of Remission of Fee form (5:00 p.m.)

Fri May 29

Last Day for Summer I Registration

Fri May 29

Last Day to Add a Class

Thu Jun 04

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