iCalendar Feeds

To create an iCalendar feed for the category/ies you wish to display, simply:

  1. select the categories from the list on the right
  2. click the “Update Feeds” button below the list on the right.
  3. click the iCalendar Feeds button below.

Data Preview:

Tue May 26

Registration on Main Campus - Graduate and Undergraduate

Tue May 26

Residence Halls Open for Summer I

Tue May 26

Community Awareness Workshop

5:30 PM
Location: Claiborne County District 4 Barn
Wed May 27

Summer I Classes Begin

Thu May 28

Cancellation of Classes Due to Low Enrollment

Fri May 29

Last Day for Payment of Fees (5:00 p.m.)

Fri May 29

Last Day for Submission of Remission of Fee form (5:00 p.m.)

Fri May 29

Last Day for Summer I Registration

Fri May 29

Last Day to Add a Class

Thu Jun 04

Faculty Report for Non-Attendance - UW (Unofficial Withdrawal)

Subscribe, Download or Copy Link?

Most calendar software supports iCal Feeds. Subscribing will import the feed into your calendar program, and updates will be pushed to you. To subscribe using Google Calendar, click the "Add to Google" button.

If your program supports iCalendar feeds, but not subscriptions, you can download a copy of the current calendar data and import it into that program.

Help using iCal Feeds