Departmental Staff

Alcorn State University Police department 

 Chief of Police  Douglas Stewart
 Assistant Chief of Police  Melvin Maxwell
 Office Manager  Carolyn B. Jackson
 Captain  Carl Jackson
 Lieutenant  Keith King
 Sergeant  Michael Bradley
 Sergeant  Lawrence Coleman
 Sergeant  Kelvin Collins          
 Sergeant  MacArthur Doss
 Sergeant  Joe Earl Williams
 Crime Prevention Sergeant  Gregory Williams

 Patrol Officers

 Officer   Toni Clark
 Officer Tyrone Earls 
 Officer Stephen Gines
 Officer  Edward Goods 
 Officer  LaSalle Jackson
 Officer  Christy Jones
 Officer Dramon King
 Officer LaShawn McMiller
 Officer Donella Shorter
 Officer Adam Townsend
 Officer Larry Ward
 Officer   Adam Wells
 Officer Keitric Woods


 Assistant  TAC Officer      Inez Carter
 Dispatcher      David Hendricks
 Dispatcher      Tracy Butler
 Dispatcher       Francis Neal
 Dispatcher       Alea Tarleton
 Dispatcher        Adrian Tenner
 Dispatcher/Compliance Officer        Michael Muhammad  


 Greeter  Rubin Banks
 Greeter  Darren Carter
 Greeter  Jacqueline Hauer
 Greeter  Nicole Howard
 Greeter  Tara Kaho
 Greeter  Ashley Robinson          

Natchez Campus

Lieutenant  Keith King
Sergeant  Lawrence Coleman
 Sergeant  Kelvin Collins
 Officer  Grady Wallace
 Greeter  Sarah Jackson
 Greeter  Shayla Shannon


Fire/emergency Department

Fire Chief Kelvin White
Asst. Fire Chief Quentin Liggans
Fireman/EMT Benjamin Moffett
Fireman/EMT Kanyma O' Quinn
Fireman/EMT Patrick Webb