Campus Police Department


(601) 877 - 3000 (Dispatch)
(601) 877 - 2291 (Office)

(601) 877 - 6343 (Fax)



Pictured: ASU Chief of Police, Douglas Stewart talks to students about our emergency preparedness and response plan. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the university police is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the university community through professional law enforcement, prevention of crime, intervention with offenders, problem solving, and community participation.

Enforcement Authority

The Alcorn State University Police Department is a fully commissioned police department. As a commissioned police department, we have all powers of arrest, the ability to act on probable cause, conduct search and seizures, and investigate criminal activity. The commissioned police officers in the department are vested with full police authority. Additionally, as a law enforcement agency, we have access to local, state and federal criminal history records and criminal intelligence.

  • Good citizenship, high moral character, integrity and common courtesy are attributes which are highly prized here on the campus of Alcorn State University.

  • Self respect and respect for others promote an atmosphere conducive to pursuing academic excellence, exploring new ideas and ideologies while enjoying the college experience for all it's worth.

If you witness a criminal act or unsafe situation, report it to your Campus Police.


  • Vigilance on the part of every individual to make sure no one's rights are violated helps to ensure that everyone's freedoms are protected.

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8 am to 4 pm Monday - Friday

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*Claim and Report lost and found items

at the Campus Police Station*