Faculty & Staff Directory Profile

Dovi Alipoe

Departments and Positions:
Agriculture and Applied Sciences, Director - Global Programs
office (601) 877-­‐6543
B.S., Universite’ du Benin, '77
M.A., Sam Houston State University, '79
Ph.D., Texas Tech University, '84


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Major - Agricultural Economics; Minor - Business Administration; Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA, December 1984.

Master of Arts (M.A.), Major - Agriculture (Agribusiness Concentration); Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, USA, May 1979.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Agricultural Engineering, Universite’ du Benin, Lome’ Togo, June 1977.

Certificate, Georgetown University, American Language Institute; Washington, D.C., December 1977.

LEAD21 Graduate (Class VII), February 2012.

Certificate of Completion, Management Development Program, NAFSA (Association of International Educators), May 2014.



Naturalized United States Citizen (Country of Origin --- Togo, West Africa).



Current Position: Director of Global Programs and Professor (Ag. Econ. & Ag. Bus.), Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS 39096; -- Oct. 2005- Present. 

Interim Chairman, Dept. of Agriculture, Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS 39096; -- June 2009- October 2012 -- Provided overall leadership in the Department in preparation and implementation of the university-wide 2010 SACS Accreditation/Reaffirmation; provided leadership in strategic planning, departmental curricular reviews and enhancements; was responsible for departmental enrollment management, faculty supervision and overall monitoring of instructional program outcomes in departmental degree programs.

Acting Chairman, Department of Agriculture, Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS, June 1996 to September 1998 -- Provided overall leadership in the Department including student retention, degree completion, proper staffing of the various curricula, hiring and mentoring of new faculty; overall departmental supervision.

Assistant Professor / Associate Professor/ Full Professor (Current Rank)-- Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, School of Agriculture, Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS 39096; Oct. 1985 – 2002; (Professor 2002 – present).

Taught the following courses --- EC 201 Principles of Econ. I; EC 202 Principles of Econ. II; AE 111 Fund. Concepts of Ag.; AE 475 Production Economics; AE 214 Ag. Finance; AE 356 Ag. Marketing; AB 392 Agribusiness Marketing; AE 366 Elem. Methods of Quant. Analysis; AB 491 Agribusiness Management; AB 494 Agribusiness Internship; AE 488 Ag. Problems and Policy; AE 525 Advanced Ag. Marketing; AE 511 Theories of Aggregative Demand and Supply for Ag. Products; AB 604 Agribusiness International Trade; AE 610, AE 611, AE 612 Thesis; GP -- Study Abroad. 

Program Leader- Agribusiness Management Program, Dept. of Agriculture August 1993 – May 2013; Jan. – May, 2015. Provided leadership for the initial program and curriculum development (for the B.S. degree program in Agribusiness Management at Alcorn State University); provided advisement and mentoring to most of the students in the program; was responsible for periodic institutional effectiveness program review.    

Graduate Faculty (Ag. Econ Program, Dept. of Agriculture, Alcorn State University); January 1986 – Present. (Taught graduate courses in Advanced Agricultural Marketing, Theories of Aggregative Demand and Supply, Agribusiness International Trade; served as major advisor for graduate students in the Ag. Econ. Program.)

Committees -  Served on numerous school and university committees, including the university-wide Graduate Council (2009-2012); served on the Industry Committee of the American Agricultural Economics Association (three years); served of the Executive Board of COSBAE (Committee for Opportunities and Status of Blacks in Agricultural Economics) for five years; currently serving as director on the Board of Directors of MNPA (Mississippi Natural Products Association).    

Instructor - (Agricultural Economics), Texas Tech University, Department of Agricultural Economics, September 1984 – October 1985. (Taught courses in Agricultural Economics, conducted research on cotton economics, advised and mentored undergraduate students).

Research Assistant – Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Texas Tech University, September 1981 – August 1984. Conducted research on a departmental funded project.



Dovi Alipoe and Thomas Sturgis (Project Directors), "Honors Program and Global Programs - Center for Undergraduate Experiential Learning", Department of Education Title III, Oct. 2012 - Sept. 2017.   

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator; Wesley Whittaker, Co-Investigator; Cassandra Vaughn, Co-Investigator; M. Wolfe, Co-Investigator, “Enhancing Global Perspectives with Videoconferencing and Experiential Learning”.  USDA 1890 Capacity Building Project- 2010-2015.

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator, Impact of Higher Food Prices on Food Security in West African Countries”; USDA-Economic Research Service, Cooperative Agreement; 2008 - 2010.

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator, “Technical Assistance/Exchange with WCF (World Cocoa Foundation) and Mars, Inc.”; Ghana- West Africa; March 2008 – May 2009.

Dovi Alipoe and Donzell Lee, (Project Directors), Title III Department of Education Project Entitled Center for Undergraduate Experiential Learning”, (Alcorn State University); – joint funding for Global Programs and Honors Programs; 2007 -2012.

Dovi Alipoe, Project Director, NAFSA (Association of International Educators) Collaborative Training Grant, “Cross-Cultural Training for Domestic and International Students and the University Community”; 2007-2008.  

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator; L.C. Huam, Co-Principal Investigator; W.L. Whittaker, Co- Principal Investigator; Udemgba B.A. Co-Principal Investigator, “Evaluating Factors to Enhance Profitability, Sustainability and Economic Opportunities for Limited Resource Farmers and Communities in Southwest Mississippi”, USDA CSREES Evans Allen Program; 2004 - 2006.  

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator at ASU for collaborative "USAID-PFID (Partnership for Food Industry Development)" project, with Rutgers University and Stellenbosch University - South Africa; 2004- 2006. 

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator at ASU for OIC International / USAID Sub Grant “FarmServe Project/West Africa”, 2003-2008. 

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator at ASU for USAID Rutgers University Sub- Grant titled:  Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products”, 2002- 2005. 

Dovi Alipoe, Co– Principal Investigator; O.P. Vadhwa, Principal Investigator; L.C. Huam Co-Principal Investigator; W. L. Whittaker, Co-Principal Investigator; A.B. Johnson Co-Principal Investigator; USDA 1890 Capacity Building project, "Integrated Production/Marketing Systems for New Vegetables”, 2001-2006.   

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator at ASU for USDA IFAFS Regional Project titled: Strengthening a Collaborative Proposal on Small and Medium-Sized Farms Using Bridge Grant”, 2001-2003. 

Dovi Alipoe, Co- Principal Investigator; Cary Ford, Principal Investigator, USDA 1890 Capacity Building project, “Closing the Technology Gap: Faculty Preparation and Enhancement for Teaching” 2000-2002. 

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator, “Analysis of the Economic Performance of Small-Farm Marketing Strategies”, USDA CSREES, 1997 - 2003. 

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator; Wesley Whittaker, Co-Investigator, USDA-ARS Cooperative Agreement entitled: “Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Small and Medium Size Vegetable Farmers in the Southern Region”, 1997- 2003. 

Dovi Alipoe, Project Director, International Institute of Public Policy- "UNCF -IIPP Project in Agriculture" (Funded by the United Negro College Funds), September 1996- August 2000.

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator; L.C. Huam, Co-Principal Investigator, “Improving Agribusiness with Videos, CAI Technology, Scholarships and Internships”, USDA 1890 Capacity Building Program, 1995 - 1999. 

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator; L.C. Huam, Co-Principal Investigator, for USDA 1890 Capacity Building project, “Expanding Student Experiential Learning in Agribusiness and International Agriculture”, 1992 - 1996. 

Dovi Alipoe, Co- Principal Investigator; L.C. Huam, Principal Investigator, USDA 1890 Capacity Building project,  “Enhancing Agricultural Economics with Two B.S. Options and a Master of Science Concentration”, 1991-1994. 

Dovi Alipoe, Principal Investigator, “Analysis of Marketing Alternatives for Small Scale Fruit and Vegetable Producers in Mississippi”, USDA CSREES Evans-Allen project, 1990 - 1996.



NAFSA (Association of International Educators); AIEA (Association of International Education Administrators); StudyMississippi/MAIE (Mississippi Association of International Educators); AAEA (Agricultural and Applied Economics Association); FDRS (Food Distribution Research Society). ---

Offices Held: Secretary/Treasurer for AAEA COSBAE (Committee for the Status of Blacks in Agricultural Economics); Refereed Journal Editor, Food Distribution Research Society; Chair, StudyMississippi/MAIE (Mississippi Association of International Educators).




Funtikova, Alena, Dovi Alipoe, and Magid Dagher. 2011. “Consumer Perceptions of Non-Traditional Vegetable Products in the Southern United States:  Summary of Preliminary Results”Journal of Food Distribution Research, Volume 42, Number 1.

Alipoe, Dovi and G.  Ousmane, 2007.  “Feasibility Analysis of Fish Farming in Banamba, Region of Koulikoro with Target Markets in Bamako, Mali – West AfricaProceedings of World Aquaculture Society Conference.

Hargrave, Teddrick, Dovi Alipoe, K. Williams and M. Dagher. 2006. “Impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Selected Small Farm Products in Mississippi and Adjacent States”; 14th ARD Biennial Symposium- Proceedings. (Abstract). 

Igbokwe, Veronica, Tamekia Morgan, Dovi Alipoe, Wesley Whittaker and Teddrick Hargrave. 2006. "Empirical Comparison of Historical Trends of Farm Numbers in Mississippi:  All Farms Vs. Black and other Minority-Owned Farms." ASU Experiment Station Research Report.   

White, K.G., Veronica Igbokwe, and Dovi Alipoe. 2003. "Retail Practices of Grocery Stores/Supermarkets for Organic Produce". 1890 Research: Expanding the Vision, Impacting the Future. 13th ARD Biennial Research Symposium- Proceedings. (Abstract).  

Morgan, Tamekia K. and Dovi Alipoe. 2001. “Factors Affecting the Number and type of Small-Farm Direct Marketing Outlets in Mississippi.” Journal of Food Distribution Research. Volume 31, number 1, pp. 125-132.           

Hughes, Carl R., Madra Bell, Dovi Alipoe, Magid Dagher, and Samuel Scott. 2000. “Economic Analysis of Meat Goat Production and Marketing in Mississippi.” Association of Research Directors, Inc. 1890 Research: an Indispensable Investment for the New Millennium. 12th ARD Biennial Research Symposium- Proceedings.(Abstract).      

Farmer, Douglas L., Dovi Alipoe and Carl R. Hughes. 2000. “Terminal Market Windows for Mississippi Small-farm Vegetable Producers.” Journal of Food Distribution Research.  Volume 31, Number 1, pp. 112 – 119.   Also, Alcorn State University Experiment Station Bulletin # 003.

Alipoe, Dovi and Carl Hughes. 1997. “Procurement Practices of Food Service Establishments: Implications for Small Farmers.” Association of Research Directors, Inc. 1890 Research: Partnership for a Sustainable Future.  11th ARD Biennial Research Symposium - Proceedings. (Abstract).

Alipoe, Dovi, Roddric L. Bell and Sara K. Stallings. 1996. “Terminal Market Windows for Mississippi Small-farm Producers of Sweet  Potatoes.” Selected Paper Abstract. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Vol. 28, Number 1, p. 227.   

Alipoe, Dovi,  and Sara K. Stallings. 1995. “Marketing of Vegetables by Small Farmers: Procurement Practices and Requirements of Fresh Vegetable Wholesalers in Mississippi.” Selected Paper Abstract. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Vol. 27 Number 1, p. 320. 

Alipoe, Dovi and Sara K. Stallings. 1994. “Procurement Practices of Fresh Vegetable Wholesalers in Mississippi: Implications for Small Farmers.” in Local Communities for Sustainable Development. (Proceedings of the 52nd PAWC)  Tuskegee, AL: Tuskegee University, pp. 199-208.

Alipoe, Dovi and Sara K. Stallings. 1992. “Vegetable Procurement Practices and Requirements of Grocery Stores in Trading with Small Farmers.” in Challenges in Agriculture and Rural Development. (Proceedings of the 50th PAWC) Tuskegee, AL: Tuskegee University, pp. 99-109.

Alipoe, Dovi.  1990. “The Distributional Locations and Types of Direct Marketing Outlets of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Mississippi.”  In Public and Private Partnership for Rural Development. (Proceedings of the 48th PAWC).  Tuskegee, Al: Tuskegee University, pp. 105-115.

Alipoe, Dovi, S.K. Roy and D.E. Ethridge.  1985.  “An Economic Analysis of the Structural Relationships of the U.S. Cotton Sector.” In Proceedings of the Belt-wide Cotton Research Conference.  Memphis, TN: National Cotton Council. 



Dovi Alipoe (Panelist) with Ntam Baharanyi, Stephan Tubene and James Bukenya.  2015. Organized Symposium. “Greater Global Engagement at 1890 Land Grant Institutions”.  Southern Rural Sociological Association, Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists Annual Conference, Orlando Fl.

Dovi Alipoe (Panelist) with Shirley Harrison. 2015.  Organized Symposium. “HBCUs as Catalysts for Global Diversity – Alcorn State University and Jackson State University”.  NAFSA Region VII Annual Conference, Savannah, GA.

Dovi Alipoe and Margaret Wolfe. 2012.  “Enhancing Global Perspectives Using Video Conferencing and Experiential Learning”.  1890 Institution Capacity Building Grants Program (CBGP) Project Directors Conference. Alabama A&M University, Huntsville, AL. Poster Presentation.

Dovi Alipoe. 2012.  “Trends and Developments in the Livestock Industry:  Implications for International Trade Between Nicaragua, Central American Countries and the United States.”  National Livestock Forum – Nicaragua; sponsored by CONAGAN (National Livestock Commission of Nicaragua) and UNA (National Agricultural University of Nicaragua). Managua, Nicaragua.

Dovi Alipoe. 2011. “Impact of Local and Global Factors Affecting Food Security in Selected West African Countries.” Organized Symposium on Globalization and Agriculture in African Economies – Agricultural and Applied Economics Association; Annual Conference.  Pittsburg, PA.

Dovi Alipoe. 2010. "Study Abroad and Related Internationalization Strategies in International Education".  Mississippi Association of International Educators (MAIE), February Conference.  Itta Bena, MS.

Alipoe, Dovi; David Addae; J.O Darko; and J. Kuwornu. 2009. “African Training/Exchange with Alcorn State University”.  University of Georgia, Continuing Education- 10th. Annual National Outreach Conference, Athens, GA. Poster Presentation.

Dovi Alipoe. 2009. "ASU Embracing Diversity - Global Programs and International Students."  Invited Speaker, National Archives Week, University Library - Alcorn State University.  Lorman, MS.

Dovi Alipoe. 2008. "Public-Private Partnerships: Highlights of the WCF (World Cocoa Foundation) / Alcorn State University Technical Exchange Project in Ghana." Annual Meeting of the Association of International Agriculture and Rural Development. Washington, D.C.




  • Diversity Award for Excellence – Board of Trustees, IHL -- Institutions of Higher Learning in Mississippi (2015)
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha--- Zeta Delta Omega Chapter  Award for “Support as a Speaker for the Celebration of 2015 United Nations Day” (2015)
  • Certificate of Appreciation – Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in the United States (2014)
  • Frank Panyko Award for Distinguished Service, Food Distribution Research Society (2012)
  • Service Champion Award, Alcorn State University Children Defense Fund – Freedom School Program (2012)
  • Certificate of Appreciation, ASU Library, National Archives Week, (2009 and 2010)
  • Certificate of Recognition for the Advancement of Diversity, IHL Board of Trustees -- (2008)
  • Outstanding Participation in Sponsored Programs – Certificate of Appreciation; Alcorn State University (2007) 
  • Humanitarian Award, OIC International (2007)  
  • Outstanding Researcher Award, Alcorn State University, School of AREAS (1999)
  • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers – Three times
  • Distinguished Service Award – Kiwanis Club (1999).



  • French (Excellent reading, writing and speaking)
  • English (Excellent reading, writing and speaking) 
  • Ewe/ Mina (excellent speaking)
  • Spanish (good reading).



Mali – Conducted a feasibility analysis of fish farming and marketing in the region of Koulikoro.

Senegal -  Implementation of USDA -ERS Collaborative Agreement - Impact of Higher Food Prices on Food Security in West African Countries.

Ghana – Led the implementation of World Cocoa Foundation project in collaboration with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Kumasi.

Guinea – Potato Marketing Development for Labe Farm and Cooperative in the Fouta Djallon region of Guinea – Implementation of Farmserve project ,West Africa).

South Africa - Implementation of ASNAPP --Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products project.

Jamaica – Led the implementation of a study tour for ASU students in collaboration with the College of Agriculture Science and Education- USDA 1890 Capacity Building Project.

Guyana – Led the implementation of a study tour for ASU students in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture in Guyana - USDA Capacity Building project. 

Nicaragua – Led the implementation of two study tours for ASU students in collaboration with the National Agricultural University of Nicaragua – USDA 1890 Capacity Building project.

Zambia – Implementation of ASNAPP project - Market assessment and marketing development for natural plant products and high value crops produced by small farmers in the Chinyanja Triangle of Zambia.

Rwanda – Implementation of ASNAPP project.

Argentina – Development of Study Abroad Programs at Selected HBCUs – Travel grant funded by UNCF United Negro College Fund (with Director of Honors Program and Director of Sponsored Programs at Alcorn State University).

Taiwan – Served on a Thurgood Marshall College Fund Delegation (of selected HBCU international program administrators and faculty) to explore and ratify a Memorandum of Understanding for academic and scientific cooperation between all TMCF institutions and selected world-class universities in Taiwan (Republic of China).

Russia- Facilitation of the initial ratification and a second trip for the renewal of a collaborative agreement between Alcorn State University and Voronezh State Agricultural University.

India – Facilitation of the ratification of cooperative agreements between Alcorn State University and three universities in India.


Other Travels – Benin, Burkina Faso, Canada, Cameroun,  Cote D’Ivoire, France, Gabon, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria and South Korea. 



Was an active member of Alcorn’s Kiwanis Club during its existence; served as Vice President and President.