Policy Development

The Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy Research Center will construct agricultural policy recommendations from research findings and perceptual data, collected from socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. Additionally, the Policy Research Center will engage with the 1890 land-grant universities community, community-based organizations, and policy makers to share policy recommendations.

Process and Timeline for Farm Bill Engagement:

May 2017 - Request for Participation from Community-Based Organizations; Request for Participation from 1890s

June 2017 - Form Technical Working Group

July 2017 - Complete Analysis of Civil Rights Reports; Complete Analysis of USDA Data; Receive Preliminary Research Reports; Analyze Community-Based Organization and Research Findings; Complete Analysis of Impact of Agriculture Policy on Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers; Draft Policy Recommendations; Complete Economic Impact of Recommendations

August 2017 - Present Recommendations to Community-Based Organizations and Congressional Black Caucus Members Ongoing - Participate in Farm Bill Hearings and Listening Sessions; Meet with Agriculture Committee Members; Meet with Congressional Black Caucus Members

Office Location
Biotechnology Building 2rd floor
Lorman Campus

Mailing Address
1000 ASU Drive #449
Lorman, MS  39096-7500

Phone: (601) 877-6601
Email: sdfrinfo@alcorn.edu