What Can I Do?

Any individuals who feel that they have been subjected to sexual harassment, sexual violence, or discrimination in any form are highly encouraged to inform the university. Certainly, we recognize that instances of potential sexual violence or harassment can be difficult emotionally, and it is critical for you to always feel in control of your decisions. We hope that you will feel comfortable in reporting any concerns so that you can be supported and protected from harm, receive a resolution to the matter, and help us to stop further problematic behavior from being committed on our campus.   

If you don’t want to report/file a complaint: 

  • Tell someone you trust (friend, professor, family, etc.) to receive support 
  • Document all behavior that makes you uncomfortable 
  • Consider letting the person who makes you uncomfortable know that you find his/her behavior problematic and asking it to stop (or writing a letter or email to the same effect) 
  • Seek professional help by visiting a counselor in the Counseling and Testing Office 
  • Take a breath, relax, comfort yourself, and maintain the strength to keep going    

If you know someone else who is being subjected to sexual misconduct, be supportive and encourage him/her to consider reporting the behavior.

Reporting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, or Discrimination: 

If you have experienced sexual violence of any type, contact Campus Police and/or local law enforcement immediately.

You have the option of discussing your concerns regarding sexual misconduct with any employee at the university.  Those individuals (such as RAs, faculty, support staff, etc.) not deemed to be “responsible employees” are able to maintain your confidentiality, provided that there is no immediate danger to you or others.   

If you would like to officially let the university know about any instances or sexual misconduct or discrimination, you have the option of speaking to the Title IX Administrator or any other university official (who is still obligated to inform the Title IX Administrator). You may also email this form to the Title IX Administrator (click here for the actual form). University officials include all individuals who would have the authority to formally intervene in matters related to sexual misconduct (Deans, Vice Presidents, President, Athletic Director, and Director of Human Resources). These individuals are required to inform the Title IX Administrator so that an investigation can be launched. For all complaints, the Title IX Administrator will engage in a formal fact-finding investigation of the situation and work with the appropriate university entities (University Disciplinary Committee, Human Resources, etc.) to determine an appropriate sanction, if necessary.  Alternately, you may work with the Title IX Administrator to pursue more informal means for addressing your concerns. 

The complete policy and process is available here.

The Title IX Administrator at Alcorn State University is:   

Dr. Derek Greenfield
Director, Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion
Walter Washington Administration Building Suite 519A
Email: dgreenfield@alcorn.edu
Phone: (601) 877-6700