Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

Federal government employees throughout the world can now make donations to Alcorn State University through the 2012 National/International Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The University's identification number is 36122. Last year, the University participated in the CFC of the Mid-South.

The Alcorn State University Foundation Inc. has been approved to participate in the 2012 CFC, the federal government’s workplace charity campaign that allows employees to make tax deductible contributions to qualified charities through payroll deductions.

Pledges made by federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1 through December 15 of each year) support eligible non-profit organizations. This year, Alcorn and friends employed with the federal government have the opportunity to support the University through the CFC no matter where they live.

The CFC is the only authorized workplace solicitation of federal employees on behalf of approved charitable organizations. The CFC began in the early 1960's to coordinate the fundraising efforts of various charitable organizations so that the federal donor would only be solicited once in the workplace and have the opportunity to make charitable contributions through payroll deduction.

For additional information, contact the ASU Foundation at 601.877.6296.

If you or your spouse work for the United States government, please feel free to contact any member of the Institutional Advancement staff to learn more about how you can support Alcorn State University through the Combined Federal Campaign.

Mr. Marcus D. Ward '00 
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Executive Director, Alcorn State University Foundation, Inc.
Phone: 601-877-6296
Ms. Laura Drake '83
Account Manager & Scholarship Coordinator, Alcorn State University Foundation, Inc.
Phone: 601-877-6693