Dr. Akash Dania's scholarly articles published in business journals

Dr. Akash Dania, director of Graduate Business Programs and associate professor of Finance at Alcorn State University’s School of Business, recently published three papers in finance and management science and supply chain focused journals.

The paper titled, “Examining the Dynamic Linkages of Performance and Volatility of REIT Returns,” which has appeared in the “Journal of Wealth Management,” extends the literature on the financial performance of real estate investment trusts (REITs). This paper examines whether U.S. REIT returns are impacted by global REITs and other real estate subsectors, such as the U.S. Real Estate Index (USRE) and the U.S. Mortgage Finance Index (USMF).

The paper also explores the issue of volatility transmission and the asymmetric effect of volatility spillover on U.S. REIT returns from innovations originating in other real estate subsectors and Global REITs. This paper has been co-authored with Dr. Sandip Dutta of Southern Connecticut State University.

A top Finance discipline journal, the Journal of Wealth Management (JWM) is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to original research and practical guidance for high-net-worth investors and family offices.

Another paper titled, “Dynamic Linkages and Volatility Transmission from Global Equity Markets to Frontier Equity Markets of the Middle East and Africa,” has also appeared in the Journal. This paper was co-authored with Dr. Ramin Maysami. This paper focuses on the topic of Frontier markets, or pre-emerging markets, which represent a diverse group of equity markets of small and developing nations that typically exhibit a higher macroeconomic risk profile and lower levels of liquidity and market capitalization in comparison to the equity markets of emerging or developed economies.

Finally, “Evaluating the Health of Life and Health Insurance Companies,” has appeared in the book series of the “Applications of Management Science Journal.” This study benchmarks 10 life and health insurance companies on the basis of return on equity, investment yield, and loss ratio. This paper has been co-authored with Dr. Rashmi Malhotra Saint of Joseph's University and Dr. D. K. Malhotra of Philadelphia University.

Application of Management Science book series aims to present state-of-the-art studies in the application of management science to the solution of significant managerial decision-making problems.

Parts of the above research projects were possible due to generous support from the Alcorn State University Foundation, Inc.