Faculty and Staff Convocation 2010


Note: The survey will be open untill October 30, 2010.  


Was the convocation a positive experience for you?   

 If No, Please Explain:



Did you feel that overall the convocation presentations were meaningful?   

If No, Please Explain



Please indicate your satisfaction with the following presentations:

  • Speaker- Mike Espy 

          If Poor, Please Explain:


  • President’s Charge- Dr. Norris Edney 

    If Poor, Please Explain: 


  • Institutional Effectiveness Plan - Dr. Donzell Lee 

          If Poor, Please Explain:  


  • Strategic Planning- Dr. Richard Green 

    If Poor, Please Explain: 


  • QEP- Dr. Larry Konecky 
    If Poor, Please Explain:


  • Always Alcorn Annual Fund- Mr. Stephen McDaniel 

        If Poor, Please Explain:


  • Budget Overview- Mr. Kevin Appleton 
    If Poor, Please Explain:



Which breakout session were you most interested in: 


Food at the Convocation:
  •  Please rate the menu choices. 

    If Poor, Please Explain: 


  • Please rate the taste of the food. 

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Should the convocation be a one or two day event? 






Possible topics for breakout sessions for the 2011 Faculty & Staff Convocation: 



Possible speakers for the 2011 Faculty & Staff Convocation: 



Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the convocation: 

If Poor, Please Explain: