Business Development

Provide the information, tools , and assistance required for the establishment and expansion of business enterprises, including agricultural cooperatives, throughout the coverage area.


Objective A

Provide hands-on and on-line technical assistance in the establishment and/or expansion of business enterprises



The CRLED approach involves addressing businesses at the three stages of development: pre-startup, startup, and expansion. The CRLED will provide leadership and guidance in developing business plans, developing bookkeeping strategies, and completing required documentation and loan packaging. In addition, CRLED will host at least one workshop in each county to educate a broader spectrum of individuals on the resources that can be used to have successful community and economic development.


Services Provided

  • Training

  • Education

  • Counseling

  • Loan Packaging 

  • Financial Management

  • Workforce Development

  • Business Plan Development 

  • Entrepreneurial Workshops 

  • Strategic Supplier Development 

  • Incubator & Technical Assistance

  • Economic Development Program 


Business Development Plan

Click here to download the Business Development Plan