The curriculum of the Rural Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Program will focus on:

  • Going into business
  • Taxes
  • Legal/business law
  • Budgeting/financial statements/recordkeeping
  • Computer applications
  • Employee issues


Entrepreneur Development Flyer 


Young Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Program (Alcorn, MS)

Provide targeted youth with opportunities to explore new challenges that promote entrepreneurial training and innovative problem solving

Objective: Identify and develop entrepreneurial talent among individuals in the community.

Overview: Alcorn State University Center for Rural Life and Economic Development developed Rural Entrepreneurial Young Leadership Development Program to educate the surrounding high school students on entrepreneurship and leadership. The program allowed for the development of four business proposals and assisted 20 high school students. Students continue to visit the Center to further their research and develop their plans more thoroughly. The Center’s goal is to assist the students in creating their business via e-commerce or through a marketable location within their communities.

The curriculum for the Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development Program will focus on:

  • Visioning and strategic thinking

  • Skills –Building – team building, negotiation, problem solving, and conflict management

  • Community building and informed leadership committed to community progress

  • Strategic planning process – mission, goals, and strategies

  • Resource Identification and Development


Young Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Program Flyer 


Rural Development and Entrepreneurial Awareness Training Session Flyer